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  • Season 4 Episode 14: The Sins of the Mother

  • Bubba says that it was Dwayne's father that drove him home. But whoever dropped him off kept honking the horn like they could have had too much to drink. Why would a father have done this or have allowed it? It was late at night and that can disrupt the whole neighborhood.

  • As young Eunice leaves the kitchen to go to the picnic with Duke, a napkin can be seen falling out of the picnic basket. She apparently didn't know that it fell out, or was too happy to care.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: A Room With No View

  • This episode brings up a topic that's often discussed among Mama's Family fans. What happened to the third bedroom upstairs? In the original NBC series, Mama, Fran and Sonya all had rooms upstairs, while Buzz had the attic and Vint and Naomi took the basement. But suddenly in this episode there's only one other room upstairs. So somewhere along the line Mama's house got smaller by one room, I guess.

  • Season 4 Episode 12: Mama Sees Red

  • If Olga knows what the toaster is, she should know that the toast is supposed to pop up. Why did she fix it to make the toast stay down?

  • Season 4 Episode 10: Gift Horse

  • In the scene where Iola is throwing all of her works of art into the box outside the house. You can see clearly that she throws something blue and it hits the ground behind her! You can even see Thelma looking at it hit the ground. Iola doesn't even pick it back up!

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Mama Mania

  • When Mama kicked Mabel in her butt, she fell right to the ground. Mama didn't kick her that hard so it seemed, so could Mabel really fall that quickly?

  • Iola said that she fashioned Naomi a bee suit for a more mature bee, with the help of a giant black tarp she found. However, there is noticable difference between the two outfits. Didi's was tight and low cut, while Mama's was baggy and more covering. The black tarp was used as a skirt, but there is no way that little costume of Didi's could have been turned into what Mama was wearing.

  • "Professional" wrestling is a highly choreographed event. People just can't come in off the street and participate in it without seriously injuring themselves or the performers. So, while it is plausible for Didi's explanation for Naomi to just stand there as window dressing, having both Naomi and Thelma just hop in and do it is stretching the limits of the suspension of disbelief.

  • While Naomi does say she knew Didi as a fellow cheerleader, and let's say she did know Didi's mother well enough to call her, doesn't seem a tad bit odd that Didi's mother would just give out her information to anyone who called? Any wrestling fan could claim to be the same thing.

  • While watching the matches on Tv pay attention to the last scene of the match. Didi has her opponent in a Half-Crab, with the girl on her face and the severely retarded ref counts three instead of signaling for the beg when she submitted. There's one that I hope slipped past the editors. Cause if not, they really should have done a little more research on the sport, like actually watching a whole match before attempting to make a wrestling episode. Pathetic.

  • Season 4 Episode 8: Child's Play

  • When Eugene kicks the reverend Meecham in his broken leg, it sounds like he swears, but he actually says "Shadrach!" (who, in the bible, was one of the 3 men thrown in the furnace by Nebuchadnezzar for refusing to bow)

  • Eugene claims that Reverend Meechum always takes him out to a burger place on Sunday for a meal. But, how many pastors engage in any kind of buying or selling on Sunday? In fact, many church books of "law" forbid it for their members.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Teacher's Pet

  • Mama says that she has a B+ average, but she graduates with a 4.0, straight A's. How did her average go up and become perfect?

  • In this episode when Mama is sitting in her school desk. She is trying to cross her leg and act seductively for the teacher but, she falls off the desk... Notice that she laughs........

  • Season 4 Episode 3: The Key to the Crime

  • There are some problems with Thelma's flashbacks and what actually happened in Kwik Keys. Granted, some of the differences are for the sake of Rashomon/Rashomam style, to drive home how Thelma's perception of events has changed. But, some of them have logic problems. At Kwik Keys, the tall man in line (He is apparently named Packard, as a character with that name is listed in the credits. Packard, thus, shall be used to name him here from now on.) gives Thelma her keys because he's tired of waiting on her in line. During Thelma's Packard Is The Courteous Crook flashback, Packard does, indeed, give her the keys, as it had happened at the store. But, during her Hobart Is The Courteous Crook flashback, Hobart gives her the keys. Since Hobart had to have gotten one of the three keys somehow, the Hobart flashback should have had a sequence where Packard grabs the keys from him to give to Thelma. Of course, the scene from Kwik Keys earlier in the episode should have had this, too. Although, one can infer from a brief moment of closeup when Hobart moves, he might have gotten the key then. But, it seems highly unlikely. However, he is a crook, so, he may be that good.

  • When Thelma and Iola arrive at Kwik Keys, there is a string of several logical errors that occur. First, Thelma is surprised that Kwik Keys is already closed. Why should she be? Her son works there and is described earlier in the episode as its head honcho. Surely, she should know the store's hours of business. And, even if she didn't why should she be expecting it to even be open when her son, the head honcho, is in jail, which prompted her to GO to Kwik Keys to begin with? Second, she openly states that they should try the back door and see if it's unlocked. WHAT kind of a person who runs a KEY store would leave the back door unlocked? Lastly, how was Thelma able to knock out Hobart with one blow from a thin, cardboard key sign?

  • Season 3 Episode 24: The Best Policy

  • In this episode there is a casual reference to a Chinese restaurant in Raytown that serves Moo Goo Gai Grits.  This same joke was referenced about ten years earlier in the pilot episode of Welcome Back, Kotter when Freddie Washington says he shared his "background" with a Chinese family downstairs.  Apparently, one of the writers was still thinking about this joke he heard years ago.  It is too off the wall to be a coincidence.

  • Season 3 Episode 22: It Takes Two to Watusi

  • It really DOES NOT take two to Watusi. The Watusi was a solo dance that enjoyed brief popularity during the early 1960s. It was almost as popular as the Twist.
    Its name came from the Batutsi tribe of Rwanda.

  • Right after Luann goes into the storage closet, Mama comes in the door, meaning Mama would have been at that window when she went it. So why didn't Mama see her quickly sneak in?

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