Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 12

Very Dirty Dancing

Aired Unknown Feb 04, 1989 on NBC

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  • Watch Mama do some dingy dancing.

    Out of all the episodes of "Mama's Family" that I've watched in the course of my life, I find this one to be the most hilarious one ever made.

    What I find to be the best about the episode is how it starts: Mama lounging on couch after having surgery to remove a corn, and having Bubba and Iola cater to her every whim. When Vint and Naomi come into the living room, dressed rather interestingly for a dance contest at the same ballroom she and Carl used to dance at, she, rather reluctantly, goes along with them when Bubba and Iola decides to go and cheer the couple on during the contest.

    Another thing that I loved about the storyline came when the Harper’s arrived at the Ballroom. Mama was her same grouchy self and quickly did an attitude change when an old friend named Ramon walked over to talk to her, causing her to forget about her recent surgery. I especially loved the part when Ramon (with some goading from Naomi) talked Mama into dancing in the same contest as Vint. The part I loved best in this sequence came when the final 3 couples had to pick the dance to determine who won the trophy. I thought it was priceless the way Mama and Ramon did that dirty dance to show Naomi up.

    While other episodes of Mama’s Family were pretty funny, they don’t hold a candle to “Very Dirty Dancing.” While it has Mama poking fun at Naomi like she does in all the other episodes, I found that she really socked it to her in this episode to be the best, mainly because of the way Mama took a page out of Naomi’s book of vindictiveness and did it by dancing dirty.