Mama's Family

Season 1 Episode 1

Vint and the Kids Move In

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1983 on NBC
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Vint and the Kids Move In
Mama is in a hurry to get to the mall, but her plans are ruined when Fran has to go into work. Mama's son Vint and his two children, Buzz and Sonja, stop by to do some laundry. But while there, Vint ends up revealing that he has gotten evicted and they need a place to stay. Mama tells them they can move in with her. As the family is moving in, Mama's neighbor Naomi Oates drops by and demands Mama trims the branches on her elm tree. When she sees Vint, they have a mini-reunion, and Vint starts falling for her. Fran comes home, and asks what's going on, and learns Vint and the kids will move in. Fran is upset at first and says she will move out, but decides not to since it isn't a good time.moreless

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    Harvey Korman

    Harvey Korman

    Alistair Quince/Host (1983-1984)

    Rue McClanahan

    Rue McClanahan

    Francis "Fran" Crawley (episodes 1-35)

    Vicki Lawrence

    Vicki Lawrence

    Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

    Ken Berry

    Ken Berry

    Vinton Harper

    Dorothy Lyman

    Dorothy Lyman

    Naomi Oates Harper

    Eric Brown

    Eric Brown

    Vinton "Buzz" Harper, Jr. (episodes 1-35)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • In here, Naomi is Mama's next door neighbor. But in other episodes, the Gebharts were Mama's neighbors since she was married to Carl. How did Naomi acquire the house from people who were living there the whole time?

      • Perhaps the biggest flub of the series: Fran is upset about losing her studio, indicating that there are 3 bedrooms upstairs. Mama's, Fran's, and Eunice and Ellen's old room (which Sonya got when she moved in). But Later on, in episode 36, Vint and Naomi are upset about losing the upstairs room to Bubba. If there were 3 bedrooms upstairs before, what happened to the other one?

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (Fran sees everyone moving things and asks Ellen what's going on)
        Ellen: Fran, Mama has some bad news and some good news for you. The bad news is... there isn't any good news.

      • Fran: One must chew one's food.
        Mama: One doesn't have to chew eggs. You just let them slide down your throat.

      • Naomi: If you're not gonna pay any attention to me, I'm just gonna have to take it to the small claims court.
        Mama: Well, take it to the Supreme Court for all I care! They can always work in one more lunatic.

      • Naomi: Well, since you are going to ignore me, I'm going to have to take it to the small claims court.
        Mama: Then take it to the Supreme Court. They will be glad to take in one more lunatic.

      • (Sonja is reading a story she found in her new room)
        Sonja: "Gladiola said hush to her confused mind as the senator's strong, primitive body slowly crushed her to the ground."
        Mama: Well, how did this smut get into my house?!
        Fran: That is my BOOK!
        Sonja: Wow, that's hot stuff, Aunt Fran.

      • (Looking at the bag of walnuts Vint brought her)
        Mama: Just what I need: some more nuts in this house.

      • Mama: I need a beer. Only way I'm gonna keep from going crazy around here is to stay half lit.

      • (Ellen looking at her old english composition notebook)
        Ellen: Ohhhhhh, "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up" by Ellen Harper. "I want to be a famous movie star, an author, and one of the richest women in the world."
        Mama: None out of three ain't bad.

      • Mama: (referring to Vint's first wife Mitzi Harper) Well, I warned you that that ding-a-ling wife of yours was gonna run out on you one day. Lord, I knew the minute I layed eyes on that woman, she wouldn't paddling with both oars in the water.

    • NOTES (6)

      • The episode ranked #28 for the week, with an 18.6 household rating, and a 28 percent audience share with about 15.5 million households tuning in.

      • In the first and second seasons, there was an opening by Harvey Korman, whom portrayed "Allistair Quince" in these openings. These are not shown in syndication, and maybe explain the odd sequencing of episodes.

      • Mama had 3 other sons Phillip (Roddy McDowell), Jack (Tommy Smothers) and Larry (Alan Alda) from the sketches on Carol Burnette. They were never mentioned again. Vint (Ken Berry) did not appear on the Carol Burnette Sketches

      • Throughout the first and second seasons, though listed as a guest star, Betty White and Carol Burnette will appear in the opening credits that they guest star in.

      • Mama's Family is actually a spin-off of the sketch on "The Carol Burnett Show" called "The Family" which had a different set for the house, and Vint was not Mama's son. Instead, Mama had a son named Phillip who was an actor. And Fran did not live with Mama. And there was no such thing as Naomi.

      • Shown as the 4th episode in syndication.

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