Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 12

War of the Roses

Aired Unknown Dec 09, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

Mama and Iola are preparing for the annual rose show. Mama has her heart set on finally winning the Crystal Thorn this year with her Herbert Hoover, while Iola is also hoping to win with her Dainty Bess. Sadly for Iola, her rose isn't blooming nearly as well as Mama's is. At the same time, Naomi and Vint are celebrating the anniversary of their first kiss by going out to breakfast at the restaurant where their first kiss happened.

A little later in the day, Mama is sucking up to Mae June, who has won the Crystal Thorn so many times that she can't compete anymore, for advice on which of her roses has the best chance. Vint and Naomi come home fighting because Vint told their waitress that she is the "teeny tiniest thing" he's ever seen. Since Naomi is pregnant, this really upset her. As that is being discussed, Iola storms in and tells the Harpers to come with her. Everyone gathers around Iola's flower, which has been cross-pollinated with Mama's flowers. Iola blames Mama for this, says she doesn't want it, and gives her the flower. Mama doesn't want it either. The two have a quick fight, and Iola storms off. Bubba is surprised how emotional the rose enthusiasts have gotten, and Vint comments how they aren't even pregnant. This also makes Naomi mad, and she storms off.

Mama doesn't let the fight with Iola get to her, and she fanaticizes accepting the Crystal Thorn Award. As she is deciding where to put it, Mae June comes and tells Thelma they have to get going and fix up the hall. Mama decides to ask Mae June if any of her roses have a chance at the award, but Mae June doesn't like any of them, except the Herbert Hoover-Dainty Bess combo. After being told that is a sure winner of the Crystal Thorn, Mama decides to adopt it and call it the Princess Thelma. While that is happening, Vint is trying to get in good with Naomi again, first writing a poem. But after reciting it for Bubba, he is told to buy Naomi a gift instead. Vint knows he can't afford anything Naomi wants, so Bubba tells him to give her the rose.

Mama comes home and goes to check on the Princess Thelma, but sees that it is gone. She is trying to figure out who took it as Iola comes up. Mama now thinks Iola took it, and accuses her of it. Mama also ends up telling Iola how the rose is a guaranteed winner of the Crystal Thorn. Iola decides to take back the rose and renames it the Boylen Beauty. The two women fight over the rose as Naomi comes outside with it. Mama tells Naomi to leave, not realizing what she has. Iola tries to tell her as Mama is yelling. Mama finally sees, and the two women run into the house after Naomi. Naomi tells them it was a gift from Vint, and he confirms it because the women didn't want it. But the three women end up getting into a fight over it and tear it apart. They see how they have ruined a beautiful flower, and everyone decides they never should have overreacted.
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