Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 20

Bye-Bye -- Baby!

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Naomi is upset because her baby is late, so Mama tries to calm her down by telling her that the Harper men always come through when their women are in need. She tells her how sweet Carl was when they had their first child, and this calms Naomi. But after she leaves, Mama tells Iola that Carl didn't do anything and she took a bus to the hospital. Later that night, after Vint gets home from work, Naomi comes up and tells everyone she is in labor. Mama tries to organize everything and calls the doctor, but Vint shouts for her. Naomi says the baby is coming now, and Mama has Vint get the pickup, which he smashes. Naomi goes into labor and Vint passes out. Later on, Iola and Bubba get home and learn Mama helped Naomi deliver a baby girl.moreless
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