Mama's Family

Season 6 Episode 18

Look Who's Breathing

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Bubba is helping Mama and Iola prepare for Bingo, as Naomi and Vint are taking a childbirth class. The night of the big Bingo game, Mama and Iola are preparing to leave early, as Naomi comes up for her next class. Vint follows, wearing a sympathy pregnancy belly for the class. As the family is teasing him, the phone rings. It is Vint's boss, telling him he is in a situation and needs him right off. Naomi needs a new coach and she ends up getting Mama, who would rather be at Bingo. At Naomi's class, the teacher is late, and when she finally does arrive, Mama tries to rush the class. Annoyed with everything, Mama tells the class that breathing techniques won't help when they are in labor. Mama tells all the women that they'll have horrible pain during labor, and after the child is born, it will be hard at home. Mama is told to leave after that.moreless
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