Mama's Family

Season 5 Episode 10

What a Dump

Aired Unknown Jan 21, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This could be argued as whether it's a goof or not, but, it's surely a nitpick. :) This is episode #96, aired on 23-Dec-1988. Now, while this obviously doesn't equate with the actual date within the story itself, there's an interesting goof. Mama believes that the Mayor is there to award her the Golden Troll award, even though he's there to say the city block is scheduled to be demolished. BUT the later episode #103, airing on 24-Feb-1989, has the Golden Troll JUDGING as taking place within THAT episode instead. Of course, that may have been all part of Thelma's plan in that episode, i.e. the Golden Troll Award judging wasn't even taking place then. But, if it was, that means the Golden Troll Award takes place at least twice a year, in February AND December?

  • Quotes

    • Bubba: James A. Ray died in a house of ill-repute.
      Mama: Well, at least he went with a smile on his face.

    • Mama: Some of the best times of our life have been spent in this room. How can you forget all the dinners we've had? All the games we've played? All the beers I've drunk?
      Naomi: Come to think of it honey, you and I were married in this room.
      Mama: I'm talkin' about the good times.

    • Mama: Carl and me moved in, it was sittin' all by itself on an old deserted country road. It was so peaceful and serene, Carl snapped it up.
      Vint: He told me it was because it was so cheap.
      Mama: It was cheap and serene!

    • *The Mayor tells the citizens that there block is going to be the next municipal collection facility*
      Iola: Well, imagine that, we're gonna be a municipal collection facility. What is that?
      Mama: It sounds like a fancy name for the city dump.
      Mayor: Right you are. Right you are, Mrs. Harper. It was between your block and the Swamp Bottom. Congratulations, you won.
      Vint: We won, Mama! We won!
      Mama: Shut up, you moron!

    • Iola: I just wish Mother was up to comin'.
      Mama: What's wrong with her this time?
      Iola: Nothin'. She just hates all the neighbors.

    • Mama: You know, there isn't that much difference between my house and Ma Bodine's. They're both full of the low life of Raytown!

    • Mama: Good-bye house. Good-bye door. Good-bye door knob.
      Mayor: Fine, fine Mrs. Harper, now can you . . .
      Mama: Good-bye window. Good-bye porch railing. Good-bye squeaky step.
      Naomi: Do something. You're Mama's cracking up.
      Mama: Farewell azaleas. Adios peonies.
      Mayor: Mrs. Harper.
      Mama: I ain't finished yet. Good-bye crab grass. Nice knowing ya, Mr. Earthworm. Oh, dirt. Oh, ants! Fly away home little ladybug. Fly away if you can find a home to fly to.
      Vint: Come on, Mama.
      Mama: Leave me alone Vinton! I haven't said a word yet to the hose!

    • *Mama, Iola, and Vint are reflecting on a past Christmas*
      Mama: It was a magical night. The eggnog flowed like water.
      Vint: Yeah. That's probably why Daddy fell when he was trying to put the star on top.
      Naomi: Was he hurt?
      Mama: No. No. Luckily, Mrs. Boylen broke his fall. I tell ya what, we laughed till we cried.
      Iola: As I recall, you did the laughing; Mother did the crying.
      Vint: Then all us kids started crying when the fire broke out.
      Naomi: What fire?!
      Mama: Well, see Eunice wanted an old fashion Christmas tree, you know with the real candles. Her little heart was in the right place.
      Iola: Unfortunately, her little candles weren't. Tree went up like the "Towering Inferno."
      Mama: Oh, it only looked that way to you cause you were a kid. I grabbed that bowl of eggnog; I put that sucker out in two seconds flat.
      Vint: Yeah. It ruined all out Christmas presents. Imagine waking up to warped Lincoln logs that smelled like Jack Daniels.

    • (Mama is about to mop the floor when Iola enters)
      Iola: Well, what in the world are you doin'?
      Mama: The limbo. Iola.

    • Iola: Oh, I know somebody who could use some cheering up. What's say you and I get dressed, go downtown, and rent our U-Hauls before the rush?

    • Mama: I still got that environmental angle up my sleeve.
      Naomi: Oh yeah? What is that?
      Mama: Well, you know like if I could prove that this block was the home to some rare species of bazaar bird.
      *Iola enters*
      Iola: Knock, knock.
      Mama: Nah, they'd never buy it.

    • Mama: You better tell Bubba to get in here if he wants some breakfast. I'm not a short order cook.
      Vint: He's already left for school.
      Mama: Well, why didn't he tell me? I could of made him something to go.

    • Bubba: The history books are full of facts on his life, but I can't find one word on how he died. I'm gonna go check out the morgue.
      Vint: Uh Bubba, I don't think they keep the bodies for more than a day or two.
      Bubba: No Uncle Vint. I was talking about the newspaper morgue, where they store all the old clippings.
      Vint: Well, excuse me Mr. Hot Shot College Man.

    • Mama: Have you given any thought at all to what's gonna happen to you if it is torn down? Huh? Huh? Huh? Have ya?!
      Bubba: I figure I'll move into the dorm.
      Mama: Oh, well you've just got all the answers, don't cha Mr. Hot Shot College Man.

    • Vint: Mama, what in the world are you doing?
      Mama: Well what is with you people? This is a mop, this is water, that is a floor. I am mopping the damn floor!

  • Notes

    • This is the only time we see the house all empty.

    • This episode begins an interesting trend. This episode and the next 2 each feature cartoon voice actors as a guest. Alan Oppenheimer (the original Skeletor from He-Man) in this one, the next one Hamilton Camp (Gizmo Duck from Duck Tales) who was just a voice in that episode, and the last one Christopher Collins, aka Chris Latta (the original Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe.).

    • Beverly Archer (Iola) wrote this episode.

    • This is the first appearnce Alan Oppenheimer has made on the syndicated run of the series (Last appearing in episode #34).

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