Mama's Family

Season 3 Episode 11

Where's There's Smoke

Aired Unknown Dec 06, 1986 on NBC
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Where's There's Smoke
Mama desperately wants to be named President of the Church Ladies League, but the decision is made solely by Reverend Meechum. So Mama invites the Reverend and Alberta Meechum to dinner. It's just then that Bubba sees in the newspaper that one of his former inmates at Juvenile Hall has escaped.She arrives in Raytown and climbs up to Bubba's window and demands he get her some food. When Mama comes to check and see if he is ready for the dinner, Bonita hides in the closet until she leaves. The Reverend and Alberta arrive early, and they soon set down to dinner. As they are saying grace, Mama sees Bonita outside the kitchen window and panics. The doorbell rings and it's Bonita who walks right in, sits down and starts eating. Mama tries to pass her off as her swedish exchange student, but the ruse comes undone as Vint exposes her, and Alberta throws a fit. Prompting Mama to tell her off. Vint and Bubba talk Bonita into going back to Juvey to finish her sentence and Reverend Meechum says he has decided to name Mama the President of the Church Ladies League after what he saw tonight.moreless

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  • Mama desperately wants to be presidsent of the Church ladies league,so she invites the Mitchums over for dinner when Bubba\\\\\\\'s friend,who has escaped from Juve hall arrives at the house.mrs mitchum starts to offend mama so mama tells her off.moreless

    To me, this is one of the funniest episodes ever. In the beginning of the episode Mama stops at nothing to make everything \\\\\\\"perfect\\\\\\\" for the dinner with Rev. mitchum and his wife,beacause she really wants to be president of the church\\\\\\\'s ladies league. Everyting acutally goes perfect until bubba\\\\\\\'s juve friend comes and crash the dinner party. At first mama passes her off as an exchange student, but when Mrs. michum begins making snotty remarks about bubba being in juvenille, mama gets offended. the concept of everything being \\\\\\\"perfect\\\\\\\" go out the window and mama\\\\\\\'s turns into her true self by telling Mrs mitchum off. After that, Mrs mitchum is ready to go and tell rev to follow, but insists on finishing his dinner and tell her to wait in the car. He then appoints mama President.moreless
Vicki Lawrence

Vicki Lawrence

Mrs. Thelma "Mama" Crowley-Harper

Ken Berry

Ken Berry

Vinton Harper

Dorothy Lyman

Dorothy Lyman

Naomi Oates Harper

Karin Argoud

Karin Argoud

Sonja Harper (episodes 1-35)

Beverly Archer

Beverly Archer

Iola Boylen (1986-1990)

Allan Kayser

Allan Kayser

Bubba Higgins (episodes 36-130)

Earl Boen

Earl Boen

Reverend Meechum

Guest Star

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith

Bonita Rokeke

Guest Star

Anne Haney

Anne Haney

Alberta Meechum

Guest Star

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    • Alberta: "Really Thelma."
      Mama: "That is President Thelma to you Sweet Cheeks."

    • Rev. Meachum: "Thelma, the president of the Church Ladies League must set an example to the entire congregation. She should be above reproach and a paragon of Christian virtue."
      Alberta: "I couldn't agree more."
      Naomi: "Oh that's right, kick her when she's down!"
      Rev. Meachum: "That is why, Thelma Harper, I cannot think of a better person to fill that position than you."

    • Mama: "Everybody was just about to give us hope on Bubba, and all he needed was a little love and encouragement! Well maybe that's all Bonita needs too! Plus a few table manners and some fashion tips."

    • Alberta: "Another convict! The place is crawling with them! It's like having dinner with Ma Barker and her gang!"
      Mama: "Now just a damn minute here!!! No offense Reverend."

    • Alberta: "Thelma, do you think's wise to have such a young, impressionable girl living in the same house with Bubba?"
      Mama: "And just what is wrong with Bubba?!"
      Alberta: "Well, he is a known felon who has served time in reform school. No offense Bubba."
      Mama: "Alberta, juvenile hall is not a prison. It is a wonderful place where they try to help young people with their problems."
      Bonita: HA!
      Mama: *pretending to talk Scandanavian* "Inga, shutyer pusser back to juvi."

    • *The family and the Meachums are watching Bonita eat*
      Naomi: "Boy those Scandanavians have incredible appetites."

    • *Mama is trying to tell the police that she knows where Bonita is, and they put her on hold*
      Mama: "Playin music. Force ya to listen to Barry Manilow while you're waitin for your throat to be slit."
      *Mama starts singing*

    • *Rev. Meachum is finishing his prayer, just as Mama sees Bonita coming down from Bubba's room outside*
      Mama: "Good Lord in heaven!"
      Rev. Meachum: "Amen."
      Mama: "Hallelujah! Amen."

    • Rev. Meachum: "And I don't mind tellin' ya that I am starved."
      Bubba: "You're not the only one who's hungry." *looks up to his room where Bonita is hiding out*
      Rev. Meachum: "How right you are my son. There is a great hunger above us."
      Bubba: "Who told you?!"
      Rev. Meachum: "Who do you think?"
      *makes a motion pointing upward, making Bubba confused*

    • Naomi: "Reverend Meachum, do you think you could settle an arguement Vinton and I have been having about The Ten Commandments?"
      Rev. Meachum: "You know, it's so exciting when I find a young couple today who are grapling to understand the Word. Tell me, exactly where do you two disagree on The Ten Commandments?"
      Naomi: "Well, Vinton says no, but I say Charlton Heston won an Academy Award for it."
      Rev. Meachum: "I have no idea."
      Vint: "I guess it's just one of those religious questions that all men ponder."

    • Reverend Meachum: "You know Thelma, I haven't been in your home since your sister Fran's funeral."
      Vint: "And I bet we have even more fun tonight!"

    • *The Meachums arrive early*
      Mama: "I'd like to ring that woman's neck!"
      *Mama opens the door to let them in*
      Mama: "Alberta darling! Reverend Meachum! Come right in."
      Reverend Meachum: "Good evening Thelma. How nice of you to have us."
      Alberta: "You did say seven thirty didn't you?"
      Mama: "Yes, of course, I surely did."
      Vint: "Mama, I thought you said it was eight."
      Mama: "Seven thirty or eight. The Meachums are welcome at anytime."

    • Bubba: "Bonita, what are you doing here?!"
      Bonita: "I can't resist a nerd in paisly underwear."

    • Mama: Well, I have never been one to toot my own horn, but I think it's time that you two heard the good news. Naomi. Guess who has been nominated for president of the Church Ladies League.
      Vint: Who?
      Mama: Pia Zadora.
      Vint: Does she go to our church?!
      Mama: I'm talkin' about me, ya nitwit.

    • *Mama realizes she left the mixer on too long on the whipping cream*
      Mama: "Oh no! My Peppy Party Parfets are ruined!"
      Vint: "Oh, now what's happened here is that ya left that Mix Master on too long."
      Mama: "Well, thank you Julia Child."

    • Mama: "And wear a tie!"
      Bubba: "Ah, Grandma, not a tie!"
      Vint: "Bubba, mind your grandmother!"
      Mama: "I want you a wearing a tie too, mister."
      Vint: "Ah, Mama not a tie!"

    • *Bubba, trying to hide the fact he is hiding a girl in his room, keeps trying to close his bedroom door on Mama*
      Thelma: "Bubba, I'm not trying to sell you a vacuum cleaner, now, OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!"

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