Mamotte! Roripoppu - Season 1

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  • Come Back! Save Me! Lollipop
    Nina has released the Crystal Pearl in hopes of saving her friends from any more agony, but there's no time for goodbyes – the Crystal Pearl has transformed and its power threatens the entire world!
  • Goodbye, My Wonderful Princes!
    Nina has discovered that there might be a way to rid herself of the Crystal Pearl and live a normal life! But won't that mean saying goodbye to Ichii and Zero forever?
  • The Last Present?
    The Last Present?
    Episode 11
    Nina knows that Zero and Ichii are soon to vanish, and it's making her very sad. When Zura offers her a chance to be free from the misery, Nina has a tough choice to make – and it will affect the rest of her life!
  • Zero and Ichii The Meeting and the Bond!
    All great teams have to start somewhere, but the bond between Zero and Ichii hasn't always been positive. Nina may know Zero as the ruder of her two guardians, but things were very different in the past.
  • Here Comes His Fiancee!
    New examinee Toto diligently searches for the hidden jewel, but his partner Kuku is hunting for her "fiancee" – Zero! Kuku is crazy with desire for her man, and she's turning Nina's school into a zoo!
  • Nina is Zero and Zero is Nina!
    Zero and Nina have suddenly switched bodies! There's only one way to reverse the spell, and time is limited. If they don't act fast, they'll be trapped in the wrong bodies forever!
  • The Summer Event is Super Stimulating!
    It's time for the annual Courage Test, when boys and girls are paired together in hopes of a love confession! As Yakumo and Nanase plot to get the Pearl, Nina will be forced to take a hard look at the bond she shares with Zero and Ichii!
  • The Mid-Term Test is a Disaster!
    It's time for the sorcerers to take their mid-term exam, and Nina is forced to participate in the crazy magical contest! Now everything Zero and Ichii have worked for is at stake. Will they be able to meet the challenge?
  • San on July 17th
    San on July 17th
    Episode 5
    San and Forte seem to have a good thing going on – San continually demands too much from Forte, and he's quick to give in to her every nagging need. Why does he put up with her? It's an unusual relationship with unusual beginnings.
  • Exciting Hot Spring-Sexy Legend!?
    Nina, Zero, and Ichii are on vacation! But if they relax too much, they might fall victim to one of the familiar faces hoping to ruin their fun and find the Crystal Pearl.
  • Kiss? Baby? Lollipop!?
    Two new examinees have arrived to cause trouble! Gou wants to find the Crystal Pearl, but his partner Rokka treasures Ichii far more - and the attention Ichii lavishes on Nina is driving Rokka mad!
  • Abruptly, May We Join You?!
    Even with the Crystal Pearl in her belly, Nina still has to go to class. When Forte and San show up and start making magical trouble, Nina discovers that her new bodyguards are also the newest students at her school!
  • The Princes Who Fell from the Sky!
    Sorcerers Zero and Ichii have come from another world to find the Crystal Pearl that Nina ate after mistaking it for a sweet treat! Now the two guys have to risk everything to protect her from all the other examinees searching for the coveted prize!