Mamotte Shugogetten

TV Asahi (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • The Feelings She Doesn't Yet Know
    • Operation Transform Shao Into a Young Lady
    • Happiness Forever
    • Summer's Beginning
    • The Legend of the Rainy Season
      Shaorin's been feeling rather depressed that Tasuke hasn't been spending much time with her. Shouko tells her about a legend of the first rain, saying that if you only talk with your partner until the rain stops, you will get happiness. Shaorin takes it literally, trying to get Tasuke to be exclusively alone with her, and away from his classmates and guardians. Later, Tasuke takes Shaorin hiking but Ruuan gets them detoured and lost. Shaorin learns to depend on Tasuke.moreless
    • Earth Spirit of All Trouble, Kiryuu
      Tasuke gets a package from his father. It is a large statue, but with it is a tiny fan that he opens. Unfortunately, that means he has summoned Kiryuu, the fan goddess of difficult trials, and she is sure to load Tasuke with a ton of them with her enlarging abilities.moreless
    • The Heartbeat of the Ocean Breeze
      Tasuke and the gang go on a beach trip. Tasuke's guy classmates try to manipulate the situations to set up romantic pairings between themselves and Shaorin, but things seem to backfire. Shaorin gets concerned that Tasuke seems to be the only person who declines to hold her hand.
    • The girl from the moon
      Tasuke and the gang prepare for a school play whose storyline involves a moon goddess that has to return home. Ruuan is initially cast to play Kaguya-hime. Takashi thinks Shaorin should do the role, but Tasuke and Koichiro disagree for their own reasons. Shaorin ponders whether the ending in the play will reflect her own situation.moreless
  • Season 1