Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 10

All That Glitters

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Nov 29, 1967 on ITV

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  • McGill has to find a kidnapped boy.

    An idyllic country scene and a boy (Steve) is kidnapped and a police search ensues. His grandmother phones Michael Hornsby (at a party) who is an opposition politician after the PM’s job and he promises to help. After 4 days, McGill is given the job of finding the boy and goes to the Cotswold village to meet Mrs Hart. He pretends to be a newspaper reporter from America as he sees the police, busybody Mason and the sullen Tom, both of whom turn the locals against him and a fight insues. Mason and his cronies turn out to be behind the kidnapping of the boy with Rudy, a bit “slow” looking after the boy. McGill goes to see Hornsby who does not get on well with his wife, Dolores. He has found out that Mrs Hart takes the boy to London once a month to supposedly see a relative but actually to see Hornsby, his missing father. He has received a demand for £50,000 if he wants to see the boy again, putting an ad in the local paper, so he contacted a detective. McGill. Hornsby says that he has no money and all the money, the house, etc is in his wife’s name. McGill has him place the ad and the kidnappers gloat when they see it. The boy has not seen Mason so cannot connect him to the crime so he can continue to live in the village afterwards. They phone Hornsby details. Dolores it turns out knows that Steven is her husband’s son and offers to McGill to pay the ransom. He refuses the money. Waiting at Mrs Hart’s house, McGill gets further instructions to be at the pub at 10:30 pm with a suitcase. Mason keeps his eye on him in the pub as McGill gets another phone call telling him where to leave the money and he’ll get the boy later. McGill refuses saying he’ll only exchange the money for the boy but the kidnapper threatens to kill the boy to which McGill gives him one minute to call back or he’s going home. McGill lets the phone ring three times before picking it up. The kidnapper tells him to drive back and forth between two points and when he is ready, they’ll stop him. McGill does so till daylight when a Hillman Minx car finally turns up. Mason is in hiding in bushes with a rifle. McGill gets out of his car and slings his battered suitcase into the road, asking for the boy. The head kidnapper, George, refuses and wounds McGill in the shoulder. He shoots back and the man drops, but a shot from the hidden Mason then knocks McGill down. The greedy Mason goes for the suitcase but is seen by the boy which means he now has to kill him. As he lifts his rifle, McGill struggles up and shoots Mason. Rudy has had enough and shouts at the boy to go home. As Rudy looks in the case and sees McGill’s clothes, the police turn up (presumably they have been waiting somewhere all night?) and arrest him. Hornsby receives the good news and it looks like a reconciliation is on the way between him and his wife. McGill is in hospital for three weeks and Dolores tells a doctor she’ll pay for a private room for him and all the other bills. Barbara Shelley as Dolores Hornsby, Michael Goodlioffe as Michael Hornsby, Eric Thompson as George, Duncan Lamont as Tommy, Norman Wynne as Mason, Dorothy Edwards as Mrs Hart, Edward Underdown as Rankin, Derek Newark as Rudy, Alan Baulch as Steve.