Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 20

Blind Spot

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Feb 07, 1968 on ITV

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  • Why are people trying to stop McGill finding a blind girl's jewels?

    Paris. An adopted young blind woman, Marcelle Robart is reading to her mother who is murdered by someone who comes into the room. McGill answers her ad, a reward for the return of her mother’s jewels. McGill has a police tail, Maurice, and Inspector Banard warns him not to work for her. Henri Thibaud offers McGill $1000 to leave Paris but he refuses and meets Marcelle in the park. From the porter Leon, a contact, he finds that the missing tiara which is not insured was broken up and sold in 1956 and that there are no Robart hierlooms. Two people set on McGill as he leaves a contact, then Maurice arrests him. Again, McGill is told by Banard to get out of the case, and he has told Marcelle about McGill’s past. Next a rifleman shoots at McGill who rushes back to his hotel, KO’s Maurice and escapes, going to Marcelle’s place, where Henri is. McGill has put two and two together. Maurice works for the drug squad. There is a concert each month for blind people where presents are handed out. Handling the presents, he tells Henri they contain drugs, part of a dope ring organised by the mother who was killed on Henri’s orders and he has taken over. Henri shoots at McGill with a gun in his cane but is killed by Banard. As he walks towards her, Marcelle recognises his footsteps and while McGill takes his gun, Maurice arrests him. McGill persuades Marcelle not to hide away from the world and it ends with her valet, Stephane escorting her to a concert. A typically great performance by Felicity Kendall as Marcelle, Marius Goring as Henri Thibaud, Derek Newark as Maurice, William Dexter as Inspector Banard, Inigo Jackson as Stephane, Michael Bates as Delacroix, Keith Marsh as Leon, Gillian Lind as Madame Robart.
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