Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Sep 27, 1967 on ITV

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  • The 'jewel in the Crown' in the series! Not only Richard Bradford's favourite episode - mine too!

    If you need proof of Richard Bradford's method acting skills they are shown off to their finest in this! He so skillfully suffers on screen you feel exhausted for him. Colin Blakely excels too - thoroughly relishing in torturing the hero of the piece. A tribute to both actors performances is that they got on so well off camera, yet there's not a hint of this on screen! Such professionals! I won't spoil the plot as this is only a review, not a full synopsis for those who haven't had the pleasure of seeing this series before!
  • A group of people try to brainwash McGill into signing a confession.

    Not an origin story. McGill meets a client at a remote train station and is hit over the head and drugged. He wakes up in a strange room which has a locked door and bars on the windows. Breaking the door open, he finds himself confronted by gunmen who take him to Colonel Davis. McGill is offered $50,000 for a job based on something that happened in 1958 in Equala, an African country that McGill knows nothing about. Back in his room, he is drugged and wakes up on an operating table (I don't know why this was). This time he wakes up in a small bleak room where the brainwashing begins in the form of pictures of Equala projected onto a wall, with the sound blaring away. Davis is revealed to be sick and the girl who brings McGill's food is his daughter, Judy. McGill is told he will get the money and get released if he signs a confession which admits it was an American and British plot that got the Colonel and his group kicked out of Equala and was his doing. The brainwashing continues and McGill makes a number of aborted attempts to escape from the madhouse, getting knocked about each time he fails. McGill is allowed to escape and realises that the Colonel wants him to shoot him so he can die a martyr as he is already dying. McGill is wounded in a shootout, and refusing to kill the Colonel, escapes from the building to a London waste site where there is a convenient policeman nearby. Colin Blakely as (Major) John, Howard Marion Crawford as Col Davis, Suzan Farmer as Judy.
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