Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 12

Find the Lady

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Dec 13, 1967 on ITV

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  • McGill has to recover a stolen necklace in Rome.

    Rome. A cat burglar (Giulio) steals from an apartment, killing a man as he does so. McGill meets up with informant, Mori who claims to know where the stolen Rassani necklace is, which is insured for $300,000, with 10% for whoever recovers it. The police Commandante is uncooperative and takes McGill's passport. Mori wants half of the reward for his grand-daughter and goes to meet his contact, Giulio at a cemetary. Shots are fired and McGill chases Giulio but loses him in catacombs, meanwhile Mori vanishes with the necklace. While McGill is waiting for a call from Mori, he wines and dines Francesca. Mori is chased by Giulio and another gunman and manages to phone McGill a clue (senora) before he is killed. McGill waits in his hotel for Giulio who wants the necklace but gets a visit from the Commandante who still refuses to hand his passport over. Francesca turns up at McGill's room but he doesn't quite trust her and kicks her out. Giulio sees her leave and holds her at gunpoint, threatening over the phone to kill her unless McGill comes to her room without his gun. Giulio guesses that it is a senora's grave at the cemetary and with Francesca, they duck the police watching McGill and leave. At the cemetary, Francesca reveals she is Giulio's sister. She finds the jewels only to have McGill snatch them and run. Giulio chases him to the catacombs, only to be jumped by McGill. The police turn up as McGill is beating up Giulio (they saw them leave the hotel), and both he and his sister arrested. McGill gets his passport back and the police get the jewels, with 5% reward for McGill and the other 5% for Mori's granddaughter. Patrick Cargill as Commandante, Maxwell Shaw as Giulio, Jeanne Roland as Francesca, John Garre as Mori (note: Mori calls McGill, "McCargill". An in joke?)