Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 22

Jigsaw Man

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Feb 21, 1968 on ITV

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  • This episode's story is so weak it wasn't worth filming - 'nuff said! I've rated it as a five just for Richard Bradford's efforts to keep his performance credible, when everything else should have been painlessly destroyed!

    This is definitely the runt of the series - it's like it belongs to a different production altogether ...perhaps a 'Carry On' film?! The supporting players are all dreadful and act so wooden it must have been double the work for a perfectionist like Bradford. I think Richard must have visibly cringed when they handed him this script! The plot, what there is of one, is weak and down right stupid! If you are watching the series for the first time via dvd, leave this one until the end.. if you have to watch it at all!
  • McGill has to find someone who doesn't want a $500,000 inheritance.

    Naples. Rico pays a visit to artist Silvio who runs when he sees his “heavies”. A contact man pays McGill a visit and they go to Italy by private plane and helicopter where he meets banker, Count Ugo de Mancini who hires him for double his usual fee to find his younger brother, Silvio, a wanderer who likes girls and runs up debts but now at age 27 has come into $500,000. McGill has to fly back to London where Silvio is and sees Louise Baines who supposedly wants paying off over Silvio, but actually hands the money to him. Next he sees Mr Berger to pay for the clay Silvio bought for his friend Tony and finds out where Silvio hangs out. Berger goes to see Silvio, followed by McGill who has guessed what is going on. He runs but McGill catches him and tells him to sign some papers but he refuses as he doesn’t want to settle down. Outside he meets Ciro, Ugo’s man who when he leaves go inside to persuade Silvio to sign the hard way. McGill returns and tries to stop them but is knocked down as they drag Silvio out. He chases them in his car and as he corners them, the police turn up. (How?) Silvio reveals that if he signs, Hugo gets $2,000,000 and also gets to OK all Silvio’s expenditures. McGill calls Ugo and tells him to meet him at his apartment if he wants his inheritance. They go to see Ugo, talk, and Silvio signs. The heavies turn up, Silvio rips the papers up and McGill covers his escape. Back with his rich girlfriend, he knows what Silvio went through as she tries to use money to snare him and when her back is turned, he runs for it. Some deliberately corny music in this episode. Paul Bertoya as Silvio, Michael Sarne as Tony, Maurice Kaufman as Ugo, John Bluthal as Berger, John Collin as Ciro, Bridget Armstrong as Louise.