Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 6

Man from the Dead

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Nov 01, 1967 on ITV

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  • This should have been the first episode.

    Rachel Thyssen sees her father who she believed to be dead which makes it into the newspapers and is read by McGill. He goes to the London Office of American Intelligence where he finds Williams in his old job as number three man. McGill says that Harry Thyssen (who was number two man) if alive can clear him but his old boss, Coughlin claims that Thyssen is dead. McGill lost his job six years ago because though he could have stopped LaFarbe, a mathematical genius, he claims that Thyssen ordered him to let him defect to Russia. Rachel comes into the office and now claims she was mistaken. McGill takes a room opposite where Rachel lives and has hired a man (Pfieffer) to spy on her. Other people are spying on her too. Rachel goes out at night and McGill follows her, knocking out the other (Russian) tail but her father does not turn up for a meeting. There was some romance between Rachel and McGill but that ended when he accused her father of being a traitor. Williams invites McGill to see Coughlin at gunpoint and McGill is told to lay off the case. He was allowed to resign before but now he is threatened with having his case reopened and convicted of treason (against America). When McGill leaves, Williams is told to follow him and if he makes a wrong move, to "take him out". The hired man in McGill's raincoat and in a taxi decoys his followers away while McGill heads to the closed Regal City stadium where there is a public telephone that Rachel was seen phoning to. In a Russian accented voice, McGill calls Harry Thyssen, also in th stadium and claims to have his daughter. Thyssen is a dying man and wants to see his daughter before he dies. McGill takes Rachel to her father, after knocking out another Russian tail. Father and daughter meet and McGill finds out that Coughlin knows Thyssen is alive and that LeFarbe is a British spy working at high level research in Russia. Thyssen is LeFarbe's courier and McGill had to take the blame because he stumbled on to LeFarbe and could have ruined the set up. Thyssen plans to go back to Russia as a Soviet sailor, the way he came. The Russians have arrived in force and after Rachel is hidden away, McGill gives Thyssen the key to his Hillman Imp so he can get to his ship at Southampton while he creates a diversion. McGill is chased around the stadium but finally surrounded by about twenty people and given a beating. In time, police whistles and sirens are heard and the Russians disperse. Coughlin and Williams turn up and McGill tells them that the Russians did not see Thyssen and that he is on his way to Southampton and Russia. McGill heads there too for his suitcase and his car. They are all he owns. John Barre as Harry Thyssen, Leonard Murton as Coughlin, Angela Browne as Rachel Thyssen, Stuart Damon as Williams, Timothy Bateson as Pfieffer, Dandy Nichols as landlady.