Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 7

Sweet Sue

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Nov 08, 1967 on ITV

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  • Sue is a spoiled rich girl with two men using her, for her father's money.

    A car is travelling too fast around mountain roads (south of France) and nearly crashes. A spoiled girl (Sue) with her boyfriend Colin and his nasty mate, Charles. At her place (daddy is away), Charles steals money while Colin keeps her occupied. Mr Mandel, a hard business man wants him to sort his daughter out and knows her friends stole $20,000 from his safe. He wants information on them. At a disco, McGill gets a dance with Sue and impresses her. Charles and Colin try to belittle McGill but lose a thousand francs (about £100) bet to him, which pleases Sue. McGill has investigated the two and finds Charles commits fraud, rape, beats up women, etc and needs money to pay the woman off. Colin has been disowned by his family. McGill moves in on Sue while Charles and Colin move in on him, thinking he is a RICH American industrialist. Later, McGill meets Miss Brown, the girl Charles assaulted who now denies everything, but finally admits it. McGill and Sue are together by the pool when Charles drops a hint of a poker game that evening and he agrees to join them. They invite a crony, Kemp to join them in the game and work out how to take McGill. McGill who was practicising with a pack earlier, saying it has been a long time (maybe some card sharping?), is doing fairly well in the game when Charles gives the signal he has a good hand and his cronies acknowledge. The stakes are upped but McGill throws in his cards. The game continues and McGill gets a good hand finally and raises the stakes. Strictly cash. Charles gets the money he stole from the safe and sees his thousand and raises a thousand. McGill raises him two and Charles is upset now and accuses McGill of getting a good hand everytime he deals. A fight ensues and McGill slaps them about. Charles gets his gun and McGill retreats. They have his winnings money but he has their envelope with the money stolen from the safe. McGill reveals to Sue that he is a detective and tells her about Charles who sneaks into the room and knocks him out. The envelope with “Mandel Enterprises” on it is burnt. Charles and Colin try to throw McGill out of the window to the rocks below and Sue tries to stop them. McGill wakes up and struggles free and his fight with Charles goes outside the room, ending with McGill effectively throwing him over a bannister onto a table below. He forces the screaming girl to look. She clears off and McGill sees Mandel. Sue is in trouble in the Adriatic and wants money. McGill tells him to ring her and tell her he loves her but Mandel doesn’t. Judy Geeson as Sue, George A Cooper as Mandel, David Cole as Charles, Peter Blythe as Colin, Ian McCulloch as Kemp, Jacqueline Pearce as Miss Brown.
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