Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 18

The Boston Square

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Jan 24, 1968 on ITV

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  • McGill goes chasing after missing papers and gets involved in World politics.

    Oceanographer, Mr Dalby vanishes with important confidential papers about fish farming in the Adriatic. 2 months later Coulsdon hires McGill to find him and he tracks him down to Corfu. Dalby, the American agent Packard (the Boston Square) with him and McGill see each other through binoculars which magnify about 1000x. Rudnik, an agent pretending to be a business man, from Tirana (Albania) tries to buy the papers off of Dalby and McGill joins, ready to bid too. McGill calls Coulsdon and finds out the Leros, the best oceanographer in the world is Albanian so why do they need Dalby’s work? Rudnik’s man, Marko knocks McGill into the water after he finds him snooping on Dolby’s boat and nearly drowns but Dalby pulls him from the water and McGill wakes up on his boat. Packard feeds McGill false information but he has found out submarines are involved. McGill visits Rudnik and knocks him down as Marko enters but he tells McGill they are on the same side now. Nick the clerk helps McGill so he sees Rudnik heading on a chartered flight the short distance to Tirana. McGill confronts Packard and Dalby saying he knows that the Russians are using their Albanian allies to build a secret naval base so their missiles are within reach of Western cities. They take him with them on their latest sea trip where they meet Professor Leros from a fishing boat and he hands over papers, telling them of two submarine bases being built, one a dummy. Rudnik arrives with gun men and takes Dalby aboard his boat while McGill is hidden in a cupboard on Packard’s orders. Packard slugs Rudnik, goes back in the cabin and hands the real papers to McGill to deliver, while burning fake papers. Packard is taken with Dalby to Tirana for a trial with Rudnik and henchman ride off with the boat McGill is hidden on. He overcomes them by a trick and heads back to London. Dalby has already mailed the company papers back to Coulsdon and McGill hands the real papers over to American Intelligence who have disowned Packard and Dalby who are now left to their fate in Albania. Rex Everhart as Packard, Peter Arne as Rudnik, Vincent Ball as Dalby, Basil Dignam as Sir Eric Coulsdon, Howard Goorney as Professor Leros, Jose Berlinka as Desk Clerk, Robert Perceval as American Official (head agent), Edward Bishop as an American agent.
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