Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 13

The Bridge

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Dec 20, 1967 on ITV
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The Bridge

McGill encounters intrigue and lies when he is engaged to discover the truth behind a young man's attempted suicides.

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  • A man wants to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge and McGill has to find out why.

    5am. A young man (Tim) goes out despite his father's (Lord Gormand) angry protestations and heads for Albert Bridge (over the Thames). Gormond phones McGill who accepts the job to find his son for a thousand pounds and heads for the bridge. McGill arrives to find Tim has climbed much of the way up the bridge. Calling for him to come down, McGill follows him up the suspension arm (Richard Bradford was told by his insurance company not to do this). Tim slips into the water and McGill (doubles used) jumps in and rescues him. Taken home, it is revealed that after a drunken night out, the friend he was with, one Danny Martin jumped off of the bridge. McGill is offered another five thousand to find out the truth. Tim claims to have killed Martin, pushing him off after Martin had goaded him into climbing after him. McGill finds from a newspaper friend that there were two witnesses who let it slip that there was also a girl present, Annabelle Fenchurch, with a father in a high position who offers to help McGill get his job back by speaking to someone in the American Embassy if he lays off of the case. Annabelle reveals that Tim pushed Martin off of the bridge in a row over her, then he gets beaten up as he leaves. Next morning Tim is off to the bridge again, and McGill with Annabelle takes him there and he tells him if he wants to kill himself, go ahead. Annabelle is shocked to see Tim climbing the bridge and reveals what really happened. Martin climbed the bridge and Annabelle said that she loved Danny, but Danny says he was only playing with her. An angry Tim climbed up after him but was knocked off of the bridge a dozen feet onto the pavement. Martin climbed down and an angry Annabelle pushed Martin into the water where he drowned, being unable to swim. Both fathers turn up, knowing the truth. A strong performance by Rodney Bewes as the tormentd Tim. Bill Owen as Lord Gormond, Janes Merrow as Annabelle, Anthony Nichols as Sir Walter Fenchurch and Michael Culver as Danny Martin.moreless
Bill Owen

Bill Owen

Lord Gormond

Guest Star

Jane Merrow

Jane Merrow

Annabelle Fenchurch

Guest Star

Rodney Bewes

Rodney Bewes

Tim Gormond

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Tim slips on his first try up the bridge, the POV shot shows a string of lights directly ahead of him. However, in the subsequent shots, it's clear that the lights are much further down on the support, well before the point where Tim slipped.

    • When Tim talks to his father initially, and then when he leaves the house, the front of his sweater is clean. However, when he walks onto the bridge a short time later, the front of his sweater is noticeably stained, apparently from the rust on the girders that he hasn't started climbing up on yet.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Lord Gormond: I'll stop you.
      Tim: How?
      Lord Gormond: There was a time when you listened to me.
      Tim: There was a time when you could hit me with your belt to make me listen.
      Lord Gormond: Maybe I should try it now!

    • Lord Gormond: (waking up McGill on the phone) McGill? McGill? Is that Mr. McGill?
      McGill: I think so.

    • Tim: (after attempting suicide) He won't stop me, you know. I'm going to do it. Sooner or later.
      McGill: Take some advice. Make it later.

    • McGill: What if I find out something pretty bad happened on that bridge?
      Lord Gormond: I should suppress it.
      McGill: I may have to tell the authorities.
      Lord Gormond: I'll deny everything.
      McGill: You're going to use me.
      Lord Gormond: And I'm paying pretty high for the privilege.

    • Tim: I suppose Dad's told you how naughty I am. You going to hit me again?
      McGill: Look, you can lie to me if you want to, it's your privilege. You can even kill yourself if you try hard enough. But don't kid yourself, buster, because the lying's not going to help. I'll find out the truth. And all your lies do is waste time and hurt people.
      Tim: Oh, I'm good at hurting people.

    • Lady Gormond: I'm not sure my husband would have wanted me to tell you that.
      McGill: Well, he hired me to find out the truth and she's involved in it.
      Lady Gormond: You must understand that when my husband wants the truth, he generally means the truth he wants to hear.
      McGill: Well, my mother always said there's only one truth.
      Lady Gormond: I'm not so sure about that, not any more.

    • Sir Walter: You're a clever fellow, McGill. Very—very professional. But there are one or two things you may not know.
      McGill: Well, that wouldn't surprise me.

    • McGill: Hello, Tim.
      Tim: I've been expecting you. Juliet had her nurse and Chopin Liszt. I have you.
      McGill: Well, Job had boils. Samson had his hair cut. And I have you.
      Tim: A perfect couple.

    • McGill: You don't really want to kill yourself, do you?
      Tim: No, of course not. I want to be dead. Unfortunately, the one thing involves the other.

  • NOTES (2)

    • "The Bridge" was coupled with the episode "All That Glitters" and released on pre-recorded video by ITC in 1993 (Catalogue # 1573).

    • London locations - Fleet St EC4, Parliament Square SW1, Westminster Bridge SW1, Whitehall Court SW1, Lambeth Palace Rd SE11, Battersea Park SW11, Albert Bridge SW3, Colville Place W1.