Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 9

The Girl Who Never Was

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Nov 22, 1967 on ITV

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  • Two men's obsession with a painting

    1944, a war in San Vincenzo. Heavy gunfire and explosions between British and Germans soldiers as they enter a town and in a bombed monastry, a painting (Boticelli's head of Venus) is revealed. Captain Kershaw visits Miss Gilcrists' expensive home and offers to get the £100,000 picture for £50,000. He asks for a £200 to buy the painting off of someone who has it but doesn't know what it's worth. Gilchrist calls old friend McGill and offers him a job of finding someone (who knows where the missing picture is). Kershaw visits his woman friend, Mavis (he stays at her rooming house), ready to celebrate his deal and phones an antiques dealer telling him he'll have the money in three days. Flashback to 1944 and the fight in a room full of pictures, by Kershaw who remembers his sergeant (Foley) who was captivated by the picture. McGill finds out that the man's name is Foley who is "shell-shocked", so is in a home. He visits him and finds out about the painting and ups his fee to 10% of the market price and then visits Mavis where Foley stayed at one time and bribes her into telling him where she sold the paintings Foley left behind, which he has painted over, now sold on to another dealer. The less than stable Kershaw finds out McGill has visited Mavis and goes to see Gilchrist who wants nothing to do with him. He then threatens McGill over a phone and heads back to Mavis demanding £200 so he can buy the paintings. She doesn't have it and he accidently stabs her and then leaves. Annoyed, McGill visits Gilchrist again and tells her it's now 50%. When he leaves, she sends her bodyguard and friend after McGill to get the painting for her for free. Meanwhile, Kershaw and Foley burgle the shop where the hidden painting is. McGill beats up his "tails" and heads for the shop, confronting Kershaw who starts shooting at him. The picture is found, Kershaw disarmed and the police turn up. Unfortunately, the picture is fake. McGill buys it from Gilchrist for £2 for Foley who finally has his picture. Bernard Lee as Kershaw, Priscilla Morgan as Mavis, Harold Goodwin as Foley, Annette Carell as Gilchrist.