Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 4

Variation on a Million Bucks, Part One

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Oct 18, 1967 on ITV

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  • A dying friend gives McGill a key which both Americans and Russians want badly.

    Lisbon. Max Stein (a renegade Russian diplomat) has stolen one million dollars of contingency funds from the Russians and puts it in a bank safety deposit box. Later in London he is at a play with McGill who meets an old Japanese girlfriend, Taiko who he regretted leaving behind four years ago in Tokyo, but she does turn up at his apartment later. He sees her (and Max) for a few weeks, and the three are shadowed by secret agents who are interested in Max and there is a mention by them of his old boss, Coughlin in Washington. A man approaches Max and asks him for the key to the box but he refuses. The man later shoots him but he kills the man and staggers back to McGill’s place. Dying, Max tells McGill where he put the money and where the key is (in the black queen of the chess set he and McGill used). A man leaves McGill a ticket for a concert to contact him about the key, while his rooms are ransacked. “Bert”, the man who Max got the money from, offers $50,000 for the key. McGill returns to his apartment, is knocked out and searched, but they leave without the key. Kenneth, an old contact gets McGill a ship to Lisbon and fake Max Stein papers, accommodation, etc. which costs McGill $15,000. As McGill leaves his room, Johnson turns up and takes him to Michaels at the the American Secret Service HQ where he is questioned as they want something in the box. Michaels admits to knowing McGill is innocent of their charges against him. He later says goodbye to taiko and loses his American and Russian tails and heads to Kenneth’s café, collects all the papers (note: McGill has a Triumph sports car here. Later he used an Hillman Imp.) At the docks (London) he boards his boat and the Americans arrive too late. He has gone. Bert phones someone and tells them McGill is gone and that he wanted him to know. Ron Randell as Michaels, Yoko Tani as Taiko, Anton Rodgers as Max Stein, Aubrey Morris as Kenneth, Simon Brent as Bert, Warren Stanhope as Johnson, Mike Pratt as Det Sgt Peters.