Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 5

Variation on a Million Bucks, Part Two

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Oct 25, 1967 on ITV
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Variation on a Million Bucks, Part Two

McGill has a tough journey to Lisbon in the company of a blackmailing crew. Even when he reaches the safe deposit - and the million dollars - his troubles are far from over…

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  • McGill goes to Lisbon for the safe deposit box, followed by both Americans and Russians.

    Recaps from where McGill decoyed his tails away, scenes we did not see before. Taiko is questioned by Michaels who then briefs his agents on getting McGill by any means necessary. It is revealed that with the money is espionage material and that McGill is innocent of what he was charged with six years ago. The Russians have a man on every ship to Lisbon and McGill is worth $11,000 to the finder, dead. McGill is given instructions for arrival in Lisbon by the Captain, Norman Rossington like you’ve never seen him before. Taiko goes home to Tokyo. An officer, Ryan tries to blackmail McGill into giving him $1,000 and he and his three mates get nasty when McGill refuses. McGill gets a bad wound in the shoulder from Ryan but his gun sends the three on their way and smashes Ryan to the floor. Lisbon, and McGill goes ashore hidden in a crate but in a secluded place, the sailors knock him out and rob him of his money and the necessary papers. He eventually staggers into Lisbon and finds his contact address. Lucia takes care of him after he collapses from loss of blood. The Americans trace McGill to Lisbon. In his fever McGill has delusions but makes a quick recovery. The Captain has sold him out and McGill is followed to the bank where he does a passable signature. Bert arrives, supposedly to use a safe deposit box. He shoots McGill and only hits the metal box. McGill kills him. Outside, Americans stop McGill from posting his money home. McGill is in a hospital bed and Michaels gives him $30,000 for the money and papers from the box, also a new passport and his suitcase. McGill tells him to give half the money to Lucia. Given Taiko’s address in Tokyo, he thinks about it, then discards it. Ron Randell as Michaels, Yoko Tani as Taiko, Anton Rodgers as Max Stein, Norman Rossington as Captain, Aubrey Morris as Kenneth, Gay Hamilton as Lucia, Simon Brent as Bert, Harry Landis as Ryan.moreless

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    • Taiko: You are responsible for that past, aren't you, Mr. Michaels?
      Michaels: No.
      Taiko: Then what?
      Michaels: Politics, the world.
      Taiko: A person is never responsible. Always something obstructs.

    • Ryan: Well, now that you know my life story, tell me: why are you paying our good captain to smuggle you to Lisbon?
      McGill: Well, my doctor thinks the sea air will be very good for me.

    • McGill: Look, I don't want to stay in this room two more days locked up like this.
      Ryan: My advice is to pretend you're surrounded by demons and the captain is a wizard who has drawn a magic circle around you. Within the circle you're safe: outside the demons will possess you.
      McGill: But I'm not superstitious.
      Ryan: You've never sailed with our captain before.

    • Ryan: You don't believe me. That's good. Don't trust me. The sea is a bore, a man must create his own amusements.

    • Captain: So money and women make fools of us all. Which is making an idiot of you, Mr. McGill?
      McGill: Both.
      Captain: Then you are twice damned.

    • Lucia: Last night when you had your nightmares, I had mine as well. This is not a good day.
      McGill: It's the only day there is.
      Lucia: But we've both dreamt of killing and death.
      McGill: That's just dreams. Nightmares.
      Lucia: What else is a million dollars?

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