Man in a Suitcase

Season 1 Episode 23

Web with Four Spiders

Aired Wednesday 9:10 PM Feb 28, 1968 on ITV

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  • McGill has to solve a not so simple case of blackmail.

    Manchester. A man who looks like Norbert is photographed grabbing a barman, among dustbins, with a woman on a bed. Important lawyer Dr Norbert (who is working for a space consortium) flies into London and receives the pictures. He calls in McGill who goes to Manchester. McGill finds the bar. Heavy, Lou tries to fight with him and McGill beats him easily. McGill sees Joe Gulliver, the boss who has his suitcase there and tells him to leave things alone or he’ll get him deported. Simon Croft picks him up outside and at McGill’s hotel, British and American intelligence are waiting for him. McGill drives off and they follow as he heads to London. Meanwhile, daughter Martha finds the photos. In London, he finds his followers are West German and American, his old friend Johnson. He escapes them and meets Norbert. This is the third time this has happened to Norbert while he was drunk. McGill gets a phone call to meet the photographer, Croft who tells McGill to tell Norbert to suppress the conclusions of the space committee or they’ll publish the photos. McGill is knocked out, trying to get the photos as Norbert attends his meeting and follows the blackmailer’s orders. This is one McGill lost. RayMcNally as Dr James Norbert, Jacqueline Ellis as Martha Norbert, Ralph Michael as Sir Giles Watkins, Simon Oates as Simon Croft, John Savident as Joe Gulliver, Warren Stanhope as Johnson.
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