Man, Moment, Machine

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  • Season 2
    • JFK and the Crisis Crusader
      October 1962 - For thirteen days a desperate showdown puts the world on the brink of nuclear war. One man hopes to end this high-stakes gamble, but President John F. Kennedy can not afford to make any mistakes. Only one machine can make this happen, the RF-8 Crusader, capable of low-level reconnaissance photography needed to prove what the Soviet Union is up to on Castro's Cuba. Failure is unthinkable.moreless
    • Enzo Ferrari and The Historic Race
      1951 - the British Grand Prix in Silverstone, England. One man - Enzo Ferrari - will push his team to the brink for a win. His machine, the 375 Formula One racecar, has enough performance and power to be competitive. But Ferrari is going up against the world champion Alfa Romeo team and their driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, widely considered to be the best Formula One driver in the world. Ferrari is betting his reputation, and perhaps his future as an automaker, on a strategy he considers a secret weapon - his car should need less fuel to make it through the race than the car of his nemesis, Alfa Romeo. If he's right, he could win the race and make a name for himself, if he's wrong, it could be another humiliating and devastating defeat.moreless
    • Galileo and the Sinful Spyglass
      January 7, 1610 - Galileo, one of history's most brilliant men, trains a new invention on the night sky. His machine is the telescope, and what it reveals will challenge the Church's view of the universe and the very word of God. Galileo is about to unlock the secrets of the heavens, but his work will put him in mortal danger and lead him to a pivotal moment of trial by the Holy Roman Inquisition.moreless
    • Saddam Hussein and the Nerve Gas Atrocity
      March 16th, 1988 – In the Iraqi city of Halabja thousands unknowingly face a hellish death. The man responsible for this unspeakable horror is notorious Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. In an act of brutality he unleashes a massive chemical weapons attack designed to wipe-out an entire city of innocent civilians.
    • The Red Baron and the Wings of Death
      April 1917 - the most feared pilot of World War I is at the controls of the best fighter plane of the day. A 24-year-old legend at the top of his game, Manfred Von Richthofen is up against a new generation of enemy aircraft. It will demand all of the Red Baron's considerable skill just to survive.

    • Da Vinci and The Handgun
      Da Vinci and The Handgun

      February 18, 1563 - Orleans, France - An assassin lies in wait for his victim. In the killer's hand is a deadly new weapon, a machine that can destroy lives in a flash. He hopes to strike a blow for religious freedom. His weapon is an invention from the master of art and engineering, Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a device so fearsome that European rulers move to ban it. In the hands of this assassin it will eliminate the Duke of Guise and raise the stakes in France's long and bloody civil war.

    • Alexander Graham Bell and The Astonishing Telephone
      March 1876 - Alexander Graham Bell struggles with an invention that may change the world. Early nineteenth century America is experiencing an explosive growth and expansion across a vast landscape. A technology is needed to meet the communication needs for this new nation, and Bell is convinced that he can transmit speech over great distances. Early telegraphs can only transmit one message over one wire at one time, and the message must be coded and decoded one letter at a time. Bell begins work on a multiple telegraph, but his genius will lead to a different revolutionary device that will carry thousands of simultaneous messages and shape the future - the telephone.moreless
    • Lincoln and the Flying Spying Machine
      May 31st, 1862 - President Abraham Lincoln is pressing for a swift end to the Civil War. As his army bears down on the confederate capitol, Lincoln has a radical new machine above the battle - a hydrogen filled spy balloon, equipped with a telegraph that can instantly report on enemy troop movements. As the Union army comes under intense rebel fire, commanders on the ground use the information from the reconnaissance balloon to turn the tide against the Confederates.moreless
    • Stormin' Norman and The Stealth Fighter
      January 1991 - General Norman Schwarzkopf launches the opening attack of Operation Desert Storm, an air campaign designed to disrupt Saddam Hussein's command, control and communications network. His ultimate goal is to eradicate Iraqi forces from Kuwait and destroy Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war. Critical to his plan is a revolutionary aircraft - the F-117 Stealth Fighter. Its vital role will be to fly undetected into Baghdad airspace in the opening moments of the war to take out Iraqi communications and air defense facilities. At 3 am, eight Stealth Fighters, each armed with 4,000 pounds of laser-guided ordnance, sneak into downtown Baghdad and hit their targets-completely disrupting the Iraqi military's command, control, and detection systems.moreless
    • Al Capone and the Machine Gun Massacre
      Prohibition Chicago in 1929 is a city erupting in gang-fueled anarchy. Crime boss Al Capone is about to raise the violence to a new level with gangland's weapon of choice-the Thompson Submachine Gun. Seven men are about to taste Capone's vengeance from the muzzle of this new messenger of death. The St. Valentine's Day Massacre will become one of the most famous mass murders in history.moreless
    • Alexander the Great and the Devastating Catapult
      Only Alexander the Great would have the audacity to attempt such a daring siege - the fortified island city of Tyre seems invincible, but his Macedonian troops are inspired and determined, and the young Alexander has a secret weapon - a machine created for the destruction of cities: the catapult. If Tyre falls, it will be a pivotal victory in Alexander's quest for a new empire - a key stop on a march that will cover more than 10,000 miles and span three continents.moreless
    • Patton and the Desperate Tank Attack
      The tide has suddenly turned in the war in Europe on December 16, 1944. The hard-hit German Army has secretly assembled a massive force. They slam through woods in Belgium-Luxemburg and hit the Allies with a steel fist. In the middle of one of the coldest winters in history, the front line is buckling. The enormous bulge in Allied lines gives the battle its name. The 101st Airborne Division and elements of Patton's 10th Armored Division are rushed to stop the onslaught. In the town of Bastogne, the Germans surround the Americans and begin to tighten the noose. It looks like no one can relieve them until the Americans send in their most aggressive warrior - George S. Patton - to beat back the enemy assault with the best machine in his arsenal - the M-4 Sherman tank.moreless
    • Apollo 13: Triumph on the Dark Side
      April 1970 - the Apollo 13 mission is 178,000 miles from Earth, just two days away from a lunar landing, when an explosion rips the spacecraft apart and puts the crew’s lives on the line. Captain Jim Lovell has to work quickly and decisively to save his crew and what’s left of his ship. After struggling to stay alive for four days in a freezing cold spacecraft, no one knows if the command module carrying the astronauts can survive a fiery re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Only the leadership of Jim Lovell, the ingenuity of the NASA team in space and on the ground, and the robust systems of the spacecraft offer a chance for survival.moreless
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