Man Stroke Woman

BBC Three (ended 2007)


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  • Comedy show: Man Stroke Woman!

    Man stroke woman is the best comedy! I think it is so funny and weird. It is defiantely a thumbs up for me. The fact that it is weird and strange, creates this whole new kind of humour which I personally never even knew I was into!
    I do like this kind of humour, and I would recommend it for weird people like myself, who would be sad enough to like it! haha.

    I do however understand the people who think it is a waste of time! This is true, it is a waste of time, and it is very silly. But, that is the best part of it! Thankyou for all the cast in this show for a brilliant performance!
  • A very smart and funny sketch comedy show that repeats itself, but does a great job doing it.

    I started watching this show after getting addicted to shows like the office, and Spaced, and it proved excellent. Its a sketch comedy show with players such as Nick frost (Shaun of the dead) and Daisy Haggard. The show delivers the laughs very frequently, but is a bit spotted with rather stupid sketches that are mediocre but still amusing. There are several sketches that you see over and over again with the same punch line at the end and at times it gets a bit dull, especially the crying ex-boyfriend, charades joke. Another note, is that a couple of the sketches seemed almost too morbid for me to laugh, such as the "josh the baby" scenes where the father always seems to mix up his child with everyday objects *such as a turkey, and a football) but the show has me in stitches constantly enough to keep me happy.