Man to Man with Dean Learner

Friday 11:15 PM on Channel 4 Premiered Oct 20, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1 Episode 5: Amir Chanan

  • This episode features archive footage from Dean's old show, Deano's After Dark, as did episode 3. The party scene is very similar to the one in episode 3, and despite it supposedly being a separate event, the party guests played by Matt Berry, Sally Hawkins, Stuart Silver and Kim Noble are all wearing the same outfits in both scenes. The outfit worn by Richard Ayoade is different, (he is wearing a red shirt in episode 3 and a white shirt in this episode) as is the outfit of the lady standing to Dean's right in this episode (here she appears wearing a red dress, but could be seen in episode 3 in a pink dress).

  • Season 1 Episode 3: Glynn Nimron

  • Dean plugs some more of his many and varied business ventures:

    His pay-per-view television channel dedicated to girl-on-girl pillow fighting. The channel name isn't mentioned by the telephone number is 08917 4727753 (08917-GRAPPLE).

    The Dean Learner Book Club, which has telephone number 08917 24647226657 (08917 BIOGRABOOKS).

    His own DVD label DEANVD Ltd.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: Garth Marenghi

  • Confusion over link between Darkplace and War of the Wasps:

    Was War of the Wasps meant to be a Darkplace feature film?
    In War of the Wasps, not only does Dagless mention Romford (which is the location of Darkplace hospital), but also the names of characters make it seem they could be the same characters who appear in Darkplace. e.g. Dagless, Sanchez and Reed. However, in the film Reed and Sanchez's first names are not given, and Garth Marenghi plays the character Ken Dagless, 'a renegade insectologist and part-time horror writer' as opposed to Dr Rick Dagless, M.D.

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