Man Up

Tuesday 8:30 PM on ABC Premiered Oct 18, 2011 Between Seasons





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  • Wow just when..

    Man just when you think the networks are on the right track. I liked this show and was looking to make it a "must" watch of my few shows on broadcast tv anymore. The characters all molded well together, high production, and great actors.

    Yes it was corny, and edgy but that's what we need. Stuff we can relate too as man child's, standing in line all night for a game, playing video games etc. I thought of this show as a mesh between modern family and big bang theory which both shows we like.

    I don't know I really thought this show was going to make it, yes at first I was not too excited about it. After couple of episodes you become attached to the characters and being to believe they really exist in a world somewhere mainly because you can relate. It did this for me and I wish it would get a second chance with the people for the 13 and maybe last episodes or a new season.

    Thanks cast of Man Up believe us fans it's not your fault the studio cannot see a good show when it has it.