Man Up

Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 2011 on ABC

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  • Finally a funny episode!


    I saw the first three episodes of Man Up, but even tho the cast is great, generic characters they are portraying, and not so funny dialogues made me yawn more than laugh. But I usually give new shows 4-5 episodes before giving up, and I'm glad I did so in this case as well.

    This episode was actually funny! I'm not sure if the characters are growing on me, but they did feel somewhat more tolerable so to say, and some of the situations were relatable, mostly because they were well done satires. One of the strongest moments was at the very beginning, toying with the cliche of the book clubs, in a way that anyone who's "allergic" to the Oprah's Book Club legacy would appreciate. I know I did. And there were more than a few clever moments like that spread through the episode.

    Situational humor was also good for a change, so were one-liners and dialogues in general. Like (alert: light spoiler ahead) when one of the characters had sex with a woman who's senile granny was in the room, and later called it "a technical threesome" - it's simply funny!

    Now, don't get me wrong - even tho there were quite a few clever moments in this episode, and writing was much better than previous ones, there wasn't anything too original or "deep" to see. Yeah, satires were good, but there wasn't much we haven't seen before. Still, the overall "compilation" was good and rather enjoyable. Does that mean this series has finally found its identity, or is this episode only an outlier? Who knows, only time will tell, but judged on its own, in my opinion, if you like sitcoms, you definitely shouldn't miss this particular episode!