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Man v. Food

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Travel Channel Premiered Dec 03, 2008 In Season



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Man v. Food
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AIRED ON 10/20/2010

Season 3 : Episode 20

Show Summary

Foodie Adam Richman sets out on mission to sample the country's best culinary treats. Richman will visit the not-to-missed restaurants in a number of cities all across the U.S.

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    • wow....

      its gross that he can eat that much. not really impressed that he can make himself sick and make it a tv show. but i give it 5 becoz its
    • I must speak up, something must be done.

      I am a slowly fading fan. I get the feeling my viewer loyalty is being used. Now, the challenges have all been done and they are all 'do-able'. I am here to say that this show would be better if MAN can actually win. I am starting to get heated seeing show after show where this MAN gives up. I have started to skip watching it because I know the likely outcome. Push the effort or change the call the show BOY tries FOOD.moreless
    • Great show! You may find the following interesting for Man VS Food to do

      Date: 12/12/13

      Hi Adam, I watch your show Man VS Food all the time and love it. I was thinking recently about the allotted time frames given to eat a certain amount of food(s) at places you go to that 'no man' has ever beat that time in eating it all. I, personally, would have questioned the owner(s), "What governs the allotted time frame if 'no man' has ever beaten the challenge?!" I would think either the owner or owners or even one of their employees should do so. Now, I would not think this is a fair challenge because it seems like it would or could be a scam to allot a particular time frame 'if no man' has ever beat the challenge! (this, I believe, has been revealed in many of your shows) At this point I would believe that it is just plan stupid for me to try, no offense to you, of course, but that would be my thinking. Fun? No! Just plan expensive for your average income he weighs in at 500 lbs.

      or better watching some of the shows you've done. Also, if one of the owner(s) or one of their employees had done so and it wasn't witnessed by credible viewers, I would wager them up to $500 to see them do it and/or I would wager them to allow me to eat anything on the menu me to take home a doggy bag if need be... for free once a day, if I wanted, until someone actually did it would be my terms. And I possibly would win, at least until they found/bought/ or persuaded a 500 lbs 'man vs food' to do it, lol! Think about it? How would you like to use some, if not all of these 'ideas' in your show to make it much more interesting? (Of course, being discreet about it as possibly as you could, lol)

      Remember, the 'idea(s)' are mine so I would expect some percentage that the show brings in when your ratings go up if you do this.


    • Heart attack in the making

      I love this show with Adam Richman, he is so versatile and funny and always draws the audience along with him to the fantastic food places that he finds to eat and the amazing people he meets that do the challenges. I worry for his health though. Surely after eating all these spicy, fatty meals this guy is on the way to a heart attack. I wonder if he makes one show then has a space of 1 month then does another. I have no idea how he keeps going and why he is not the size of a house. By all accounts he is every doctors nightmare. The sauces are rich, the steaks rare and the fries abundant. Please Adam slow down before it's too late.moreless
    • Host Adam Richman tours American cities to take on that city's greatest food challenge.

      This show as earned its spot on one of my favorite shows out right now. The show follows around very down to earth and likeable host Richman as he tests his stomach against our countrys top food challenges. It can be anywhere from a 72 oz steak to a 12lb Eagles deli challenge. The show doesnt just focus on the challenges at the end of each episode it also shows us two other great pig out spots in each city also. This show will always have you saying there is no way he can eat that which just adds to the suspense. Who will win next time on Man vs. Foodmoreless

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    funny fat guy, fast food connoisseur, poor eating habits, cholesterol city, Wine