Man v. Food

Season 3 Episode 7

Puerto Rico

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 21, 2010 on Travel Channel

Episode Recap

Adam starts his journey at Raices for their famous deep fried pork chops Chuleta con con. The dish is a huge pork chop deep fried and surrounded by pork crackling and bacon parts. Next Adam samples Puerto Rican street food at El Curry and samples their mixto sandwich. The mixto sandwich is made of one half pound grilled chicken, a half pound churisco, and potato sticks. Next Adam heads to Vaca Brava for the sleeping cow challenge and see's some of the restaurants other huge food creations. For the challenge Adam must eat six sirloin steak pieces, a pound of fries, lettuce, cheese, and mushroom sauce. To win Adam must finish the meal in forty minutes or less.