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  • Dead Man walking

    A fat guy eating junk food like a pig, hope he has a good cardiologist because he will not live very long
  • wow....

    its gross that he can eat that much. not really impressed that he can make himself sick and make it a tv show. but i give it 5 becoz its
  • I must speak up, something must be done.

    I am a slowly fading fan. I get the feeling my viewer loyalty is being used. Now, the challenges have all been done and they are all 'do-able'. I am here to say that this show would be better if MAN can actually win. I am starting to get heated seeing show after show where this MAN gives up. I have started to skip watching it because I know the likely outcome. Push the effort or change the call the show BOY tries FOOD.
  • Great show! You may find the following interesting for Man VS Food to do

    Date: 12/12/13

    Hi Adam, I watch your show Man VS Food all the time and love it. I was thinking recently about the allotted time frames given to eat a certain amount of food(s) at places you go to that 'no man' has ever beat that time in eating it all. I, personally, would have questioned the owner(s), "What governs the allotted time frame if 'no man' has ever beaten the challenge?!" I would think either the owner or owners or even one of their employees should do so. Now, I would not think this is a fair challenge because it seems like it would or could be a scam to allot a particular time frame 'if no man' has ever beat the challenge! (this, I believe, has been revealed in many of your shows) At this point I would believe that it is just plan stupid for me to try, no offense to you, of course, but that would be my thinking. Fun? No! Just plan expensive for your average income he weighs in at 500 lbs.

    or better watching some of the shows you've done. Also, if one of the owner(s) or one of their employees had done so and it wasn't witnessed by credible viewers, I would wager them up to $500 to see them do it and/or I would wager them to allow me to eat anything on the menu me to take home a doggy bag if need be... for free once a day, if I wanted, until someone actually did it would be my terms. And I possibly would win, at least until they found/bought/ or persuaded a 500 lbs 'man vs food' to do it, lol! Think about it? How would you like to use some, if not all of these 'ideas' in your show to make it much more interesting? (Of course, being discreet about it as possibly as you could, lol)

    Remember, the 'idea(s)' are mine so I would expect some percentage that the show brings in when your ratings go up if you do this.


  • Heart attack in the making

    I love this show with Adam Richman, he is so versatile and funny and always draws the audience along with him to the fantastic food places that he finds to eat and the amazing people he meets that do the challenges. I worry for his health though. Surely after eating all these spicy, fatty meals this guy is on the way to a heart attack. I wonder if he makes one show then has a space of 1 month then does another. I have no idea how he keeps going and why he is not the size of a house. By all accounts he is every doctors nightmare. The sauces are rich, the steaks rare and the fries abundant. Please Adam slow down before it's too late.
  • Host Adam Richman tours American cities to take on that city's greatest food challenge.

    This show as earned its spot on one of my favorite shows out right now. The show follows around very down to earth and likeable host Richman as he tests his stomach against our countrys top food challenges. It can be anywhere from a 72 oz steak to a 12lb Eagles deli challenge. The show doesnt just focus on the challenges at the end of each episode it also shows us two other great pig out spots in each city also. This show will always have you saying there is no way he can eat that which just adds to the suspense. Who will win next time on Man vs. Food
  • Entertaining.

    So I recently came across this show on the Travel Channel. After having watched the horror that was Nathan's Famous hot dog eating contest, I can say I was adequately prepared for Man v. Food. Alan Sepinwall pretty much sums up my thoughts: "It ain't deep, and it certainly ain't healthy (I could feel my arteries clog just from watching), but it's fun." A lot of the foods shown really do look delicious...albeit in smaller proportions. I find myself watching from the beginning simply because of the food porn factor, then when it gets to the eating contest part I find I'm too curious about the outcome to look away. The spectacle is pretty entertaining and horrifying at the same time.

    As for Alton Brown's comments on the show, I can see why he would say that, but in all fairness it's probably the restaurant owners who are more guilty of "promoting gluttony" by offering the challenges in the first place. Richman's only sin is in participating in said challenge, and then televising it. As for Richman, I hope his off-screen diet is a whole lot healthier, because I rather like this guy and I don't want to find out years from now that he's died of a heart attack >_>
  • This show is awesome i watch it a lot with my family. But not a 10 is the because the middle when he's just talking and they're making the food is pretty boring.


    This show is awesome i watch it with my family a lot. But it's not a 10 because the middle when he's just talking is pretty boring and when they're making the food is pretty boring. OK the reason why this show is beast is because the end. THE CHALLENGES! The challenges are awesome and hard pounding and my mouths waters all the time just watching it. Overall 8.5/10.

  • Great and fun show unless your an uptight negative Nancy like some people in the world.....

    Great and fun show unless your an uptight negative Nancy like some people in the world..... This show was a nice comedic and juvenile in a good way jolt to the Travel Channels nice but serious tone. Adam elevated the food challenge genera to more than a bunch of fat guys gorging and puking themselves. Adam playing the matured frat boy showed eager excitement for the locale and the challenge each episode. The show was fun and hip and unlike a scripted show Adam didn't win every challenge. If you want something fun and of great quality like most Travel Channel shows are check it out on dvd it'll be like hanging out with a friend and cheering him on each week.
  • The show that single handedly destroyed everything that was good about the Travel Channel.

    I know that a ton of people are going to disagree with me, but I don't care. If you like this show, good for you! Watch it as much as you want, there are plenty of chances….believe me. I, however find this show to be, well….stupid. The show consists of You following this guy who thinks he's funny(but really isn't) and likes to eat around the country as he engorges himself on those food challenges you hear about sometimes. Oh yeah, sometimes you see some local specialties. WOOHOO!! Now that's what I call some fine television! The show is disgusting. You're watching this goofball stuff his face as fast as he can with as much as he can. Along the way, you get to see stuff fall out of his mouth; the saliva, the mucus, the sweat(if it's spicy) and other unknown things. Ironically, this show is more disgusting than Bizarre Foods. At least in that show you have a tolerable host and get to experience some culture. Man V. Food is just….a huge waste of time! Did I mention that this show is on constantly?! The greatest damage that this show has done to a once good network has been the fact that it has opened the gates to even more pointless, food based shows. This is the Travel Channel dang it! I want to see stuff about other places! If I wanted to see stuff about food, I would watch the Food Network. Though I enjoy Bizarre Foods, all of the food shows are beginning to seem like overkill.

    I find Anthony Bourdain, in all of his arrogant, annoying glory, to be a much more tolerable host than Adam Richman and would gladly take an episode of No Reservations any day over this train wreck of a show. Bourdain and Zimmern are quite enough food for the Travel Channel thank you.
  • Man v. Food combines a great host with great creativity in presenting the city of the week. This show deserves a look, even from those not interested in Food Challenges

    Adam Richman is the perfect host for this show. Each week they visit a different city and cover 2 or 3 restaurants that present a unique food-eating challenge, or just "can't miss" food in that city.

    Throughout the show, they smartly weave little tidbits and video shots of the city visited. Adam presents a "behind-the-kitchen door" look of how each dish is prepared, while interacting with the chef/cooks, as well as patrons. Whenever a food challenge is portrayed, Adam usually takes it on, mano al plato, with a other diners sitting nearby. At the end of each show, he does a mock news conference, with other patrons acting as news media, asking questions regarding his performance. The show has the perfect host and is very creative. It deserves a look from everyone, based on the travel aspect, food interests, tourist options, etc.

    The only bad thing I can see with the show? - It's only 30 min long! I could watch the show with a new episode every night for an hour. Here's hoping that the Travel Channel invests in this show long-term.
  • So much food.

    I can't believe how much this guy eats. I am surprised he hasn't died yet! He eats so much crap that it makes me not only hungry, but sick at the same time. I will say that this is a pretty good show. I find it entertaining every time I watch it. One thing I must say is that it is not recommended that you watch this when you are hungry or sick to your stomach. On one hand, the food looks great. It can make you really hungry. On the other hand, the amount of food he eats can make you physically ill! Overall, this is a very good show. Thank you.
  • Adam, the host, goes all around the U.S. testing the country's greatest food spots and completing food contests!! AMAZING SHOW!

    I wish this show came on more often!! I LOVE IT! Every person I show it to gets completely addicted, and cannot WAIT till the next episode!! There are only 2 bad things about this show. It doesn't come on 7 nights a week ( =]) and it makes you super hungry!! But Adam would be morbidly obese if it came on with different episodes 7 nights a week haha. I don't understand how he doesn't weigh 800 pounds! My boyfriend doesn't like to watch much tv, but when I showed him MvF he absolutely fell in love with it like i did! Great job travel channel! IT'S A MUST WATCH!
  • Brooklyn!!!!

    Hey Adam how do you visit Brooklyn and not visit John's Deli at 2033 Stillwell Avenue... Best Roastbeef In Brooklyn!!!!!!! The gravy that they use is just one of the best things to top a roastbeef sandwhich, people order cups full of the gravy on the side. They also have other things too eat that are sooooooo good such as their riceballs, potato croquettes, and fried raviolis. They always have different specials everyday. You should take a look at their website to see some of the food they serve, You have to go and visit, it is well worth it!!!!!! Thank You Subway!!!!!!
  • I love the host Adam Richman, he is hilarious and he can scarf down practically anything!

    I've been into Man v Food for about a year now ever since my brother ever showed me it. I immediately loved the idea of eating oversized food because who doesn't love shows about food. Anyway this is a great show for the whole family and i recomend it to anyone who looooovvves food like me! Anyways the host Adam Richman goes around the country to take on the world's most legendary eating challenges and if he wins he usually gets a picture on a wall of fame or a t-shirt. One of my favorite reality shows actually the only decent one around! Man v Food!!!!! Wooooh!!!!!