Man vs. Cartoon

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  • Season 1
    • Steel Plates / Indestructo-Ball
      Spring-loaded steel plates designed to crush the Road Runner are easy in cartoons. In real life, springs give way to powerful explosive charges. Will the Coyote's master plan come to life? The "Indestructo Ball" was one of the Coyote's funniest cartoon failures. Putting a real guy inside a steel ball and rolling him down a mountain is one of the team's greatest challenges.moreless
    • Model Plane Bomb / Hot Air Balloon Anvil Drop
      When the Coyote flew a model plane carrying a grenade at the Road Runner, his plans went down in flames. The engineers vow that their computer-controlled plane will not repeat his error. When the Coyote tried to drop an anvil on the Road Runner's head from a hot air balloon, the sudden loss of weight led to a classic crash. Will the real-life engineers face a similar fate?moreless
    • Fan Skates / Cannonball Rocket Sled
      When the Coyote puts on roller skates and straps a fan to his back, he comically injures himself almost instantly. Will a team of engineering students share the cartoon character's fate? In the cartoon, when the Road Runner kicks into high gear, he moves so fast that he becomes a blur. The engineers attempt to re-create this speed, building a rocket sled that goes 290 mph.moreless
    • Pendulum Spear / Boulder Drop
      When the team attempts to replicate the Coyote's failed swinging spear attack, they use 80-foot towers and a steel basket on top of a crane. Will their experiment be a swing and a miss? In a cartoon, dropping a boulder on someone is funny. In real life, getting the timing right is tough. Can the team's heavy crane operator hit a target moving as fast as the Road Runner?moreless
    • Rocket Skates
      Rocket Skates
      Episode 2
      When the Coyote wore rocket skates, he ran into a bus. When the engineers tackle the concept, they hope to propel their skater into the record books, not face-first into a nearby cactus. When the Coyote ties a stick of dynamite to a rope, it misses the Road Runner, then swings back to blow up in his face. Will the team of engineers have better luck in real life?moreless
    • Rube Goldberg Competition
      In a classic cartoon, the Coyote creates a needlessly complicated chain reaction device that backfires horribly, and it ends up shooting him. Tasked to improve on the animated invention, student engineers from New Mexico Tech hope to fare better.