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Bear Grylls travels around the globe to find the most dangerous tourist locations and environments, in order to show us how to survive in them. With his simple survival techniques and his knowledge of the wildlife, he is able to give handy tips that could effectively save lives. Whether it's traversing across volcanoes or stuck on a desert island, Bear is always one step ahead when it comes to survival of the fittest.

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  • What the hell?

    I just read something that says this is pretty much fake sh**. I did like this show. Found it interesting. Who knows now.:(
  • let's see who can handle the truth !!

    An entire episode was shot in Australia, in a caravan park .... yes ..... the whole park was booked, filled with crew and Mr Grylls of course. All the 'food' placements was marked with markers, routes were plotted, etc.

    Yes, he does the stunts himself.

    If he makes a mistake or the scene is not done correctly the 'action part' was re-shot !!!!

    Regular breaks were taken during the shooting and after a days 'work' they retire to their caravans.

    and that's 'how it's made'

  • Pretty Pointless Show!

    This or is not much good. I don't count this show as realty show. but its interesting some time I enjoy watching this. we can watch this and but we have try and perfectly train most of the things that bear do. if bear really wanna teach how to survive it's better to start training program. this show is just for cheap publicity.
  • For someone saying it's hard to "get lost" in the wilderness, you're right, but WHEN and IF you DO get lost, you'll be happy for any "Survival" shows you may have seen.moreless

    Man vs. Wild is mostly entertainment, however if you watch all the episodes, there are loads of interesting information to pick from.

    Bear is extreme, and can probably do things that 95% of the population cannot... however there are skills he shows you in many episodes (rope making, looking for water in dirt, purifying water quickly, etc...)
  • It is hard to get lost these days that the so called knowledge this joke of a show communicates is quite useless.

    You really need to be out of your mind to get lost and be in a situation which Bear Grylls usually fakes he is in. He is not alone and a most probably a big TV crew is along with him. Most of the times he is doing nothing but pandering to the base instinct and probably telling us how we used to live when our homes were in caves. And he does nothing but running around destroying whatever little wildlife is there by killing a alligator or eating a snake raw etc. I wish he takes on a lion cub and gets caught by the lion mother and show us how to survive that. People viewing and enjoying this should move to wild with Bear Grylls as there village chief. Shame on the reputed channels showing us this worthless show.moreless

    News Briefs: NBC Is Delaying Community's Return, Which Might Be Good

    Plus: Syfy makes up another season of Face Off, NBC orders a survival reality series, and ABC orders more scripts for The Neighbors.


    Man vs. Wild Is Canceled; What Should Bear Grylls Do Next?

    The extreme survivalist has been unceremoniously dumped by Discovery Channel.

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    • Man vs. Wild vs. Survivorman
      I dont know about you but this show reminds me A LOT of Survivorman. I've been watching Survivorman way before i knew of this show...
    • Awesome Show
      It's funny how people can talk crap about whats fake and whats not. Bear is showing what you will need to do in order to survive i...
    • Bear Grylls Is A Phony
      I don't know why this show wasn't canceled when they found out how he faked some of his episodes..Like the one in hawaii.. He supp...
    • Episode Guide is incorrect
      Man vs. Wild is actually only on season 5. Just because the show takes a break don't mean its in a new season when it comes bac...
    • Did anyone else notice....
      I believe it was the Alaskan mountain range episode (not sure which episode exactly because I watched all of them this weekend) w...

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