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Did anyone else notice....

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    Those things you mentioned are just the tip of the tip of the iceburg as to what was faked. But essentially thats where the scandle is, that originally for two seasons they claimed it was all real when infact it was all staged, not just the dangerous parts, all of it. Worse yet, the show demonstrated things that most (frankly all) experts would advise against, like climbing up and down and through obsticles instead of going around. It was only after getting caught did they have to reedit the show and admit to using ropes and saftey devices and edit out some of the more blatent lies.

    When he was caught with the life vest thing, he gave that whole speech about "that was the only time and that was it i put my foot down". That just wasnt true, every aspect of the show is planned and staged and none of what was premised in the first two seasons about how "he is stranded and makes his way out" was accurate. Essentially, he does not build his own shelters, catch his own food, or survive in the wild, and most of the events are staged. The show is simply edited to make it seem otherwise.
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    amari24 wrote:
    .Also if you listen sometimes he idmitts he uses ropes to get down he will say something like this."Im gonna use a safety Line because one slip up here can be fatal"..

    Just to be clear... He says these things in the re-edited versions of the episodes. After the incidents of him receiving help were exposed Discovery had to go back and redo the voiceovers to explain when and where he got help, and sometimes remove whole segments, so that the show more accurately reflected what actually happened. The first time these shows ran no such admissions were made. That's why many people think he was being dishonost.

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    PsychoPerson wrote:
    Well bear, your right about all that. And I also have to agree that the show is awesome! Only a true man like Bear Grylls would do such risky (Yet cool) things. Shows that hes really brave. I admire that!

    I see it more as foolish than brave. Bravery is doing something brave when the time comes that you must, foolishness is putting yourself into the situations where you are required to be brave. That is just my opinion.
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    He was in the British special forces and I consider that a form of bravery. Also, he has climbed Mt Everest...pretty brave. Go Bear Grylls!

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