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Episode Guide is incorrect

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    Man vs. Wild is actually only on season 5.

    Just because the show takes a break don't mean its in a new season when it comes back.

    I don't know if anybody can fix this, but it would be a lot less confusing.

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    This is the correct order I pulled off which is correct according to

    Man vs. Wild Episode Guide
    1 :01x01 - The Rockies
    First aired: Oct/27/2006

    Host Bear Grylls parachutes alone into a remote area of the Rocky Mountains equipped with only the clothes on his back.

    2 :01x02 - Moab Desert, Utah
    First aired: Nov/10/2006

    Bear is stranded in Utah's Moab Desert, where he must find his way back to civilization through a maze of canyons, avoiding rattlesnakes and quicksand, equipped with only a bottle of water, a knife and a flint.

    3 :01x03 - Costa Rican Rainforest
    First aired: Nov/17/2006

    Bear Grylls, equipped only with a knife and a water bottle, tries to survive in the Costa Rican rain forest after parachuting onto the Osa Peninsula. He faces swarms of insects, poisonous snakes, dense jungle and mangrove swamps.

    4 :01x04 - European Alps
    First aired: Nov/24/2006

    Bear Grylls, outfitted with only a knife, water bottle, cup and flint, parachutes into the Alps, where he builds a snow shelter and explains how to survive a fall into a frozen lake.

    5 :01x05 - Hawaii - Mount Kilauea
    First aired: Dec/01/2006

    On Mount Kilauea, an active volcano, Bear climbs down a rope from a helicopter and demonstrates how to create a gas mask, escape from a moving lava flow, find water in a lava tube and get honey from a bee's nest.

    6 :01x06 - Sierra Nevada
    First aired: Dec/08/2006

    In the Sierra Nevada's, Bear uses his knowledge of Native American survival techniques to build a shelter, calm wild horses and find food.

    7 :01x07 - African Savannah
    First aired: Dec/15/2006

    Bear parachutes into the Kenyan savannah from a hot-air balloon, where he finds himself surrounded by dangerous animals, including rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants and cape buffalo. He builds a tent from natural materials and traps small birds for food.

    8 :01x08 - Alaskan Mountain Range
    First aired: Dec/22/2006

    In the Chugach Mountains of Alaska, Bear has only a bottle of water, a knife and a flint as he travels down mountain slopes, over glaciers and through bear-infested forests, navigating a small boat through treacherous ice floes.

    9 :01x09 - Hawaii - Desert Island
    First aired: Dec/29/2006

    Bear Grylls is cast adrift in the Pacific Ocean, encountering coral reefs, rip currents, relentless surf and sharks.

    10 :01x10 - Everglades
    First aired: Jun/15/2007

    Bear drops into the Florida Everglades where he slogs through the swamps, offering survival tips while dodging alligators and rattlesnakes, and dining on frogs and turtles.

    11 :01x11 - Iceland
    First aired: Jun/22/2007

    Bear braces for the cold of Iceland, offering survival tips that include how to build a snow cave, live through a blizzard and avoid frostbite, and forage for food.

    12 :01x12 - Mexico
    First aired: Jun/29/2007

    In Mexico, Bear must find his way out of Copper Canyon, and his only supplies are a water bottle, a flint and a knife. Included: how to build a compass; catching and eating scorpions; basics of fire-making; fishing without a line.

    13 :01x13 - Kimberly, Australia
    First aired: Jul/06/2007

    In Kimberly, Australia, Bear faces extreme heat, poisonous snakes and the ever present danger of dehydration. Survival tips include how to forage for food, build a shelter and extreme measures to avoid dehydrating.

    14 :01x14 - Ecuador
    First aired: Jul/13/2007

    Bear Grylls offers survival tips in the Ecuadorian jungle. Included: building a bamboo bridge; making a bow and arrow; determining which plants are poisonous.

    15 :01x15 - Scotland
    First aired: Jul/20/2007

    Bear offers survival tips in Scotland's Cairngorms National Park. Included: using moss to purify water; skinning a deer; cooking a rabbit.

    16 :01x16 - Never Before Seen
    First aired: Jul/20/2007

    Bear gets up close and personal with sharks in the Pacific, where he also must deal with rip currents and pounding surf. Included: previously unseen footage and new survival techniques.

    Bear's Mission Everest
    First aired: Nov/09/2007

    17 :02x01 - Sahara (1)
    First aired: Nov/09/2007

    Bear Grylls heads out into the Sahara desert where he must survive in a world of towering sand dunes and extreme conditions.

    18 :02x02 - Desert Survivor (2)
    First aired: Nov/16/2007

    Bear Grylls survives in the hottest place on earth where he must skin and disembowel a camel for food, water and shelter.

    19 :02x03 - Panama (1)
    First aired: Nov/23/2007

    Bear tackles the lethal mangroves and infamous viper pit that exist in Panama, in a test of extreme survival and eats some grisly items to demonstrate how to stay alive.

    20 :02x04 - Jungle (2)
    First aired: Nov/30/2007

    The conclusion of the visit to Panama finds Bear Grylls handling mangrove swamps and jungles.

    21 :02x05 - Patagonia (1)
    First aired: Dec/07/2007

    Bear is off to Patagonia, at the tip of South America where he parachutes near a vast field of ice, forages in a beech forest, goes wading in a frozen bog and swims in icy water.

    22 :02x06 - Andes Adventure (2)
    First aired: Dec/14/2007

    While in Patagonia, Bear skins a hare, then scales a cliff, tracks down a puma, drinks from dirty water and crosses the Perito Moreno glacier, which is a vast frozen labyrinth of ice caves and crevasses.

    23 :02x07 - Bear Eats
    First aired: Dec/21/2007

    Bear shows us that not much is on his list as inedible in nature, except maybe the fat of a camel's hump.

    24 :02x08 - Zambia
    First aired: May/02/2008

    Bear heads out to Zambia in Southern Africa, where he will show you how to survive the world's biggest rapids, and next will head into the bush.

    25 :02x09 - Namibia
    First aired: May/09/2008

    Bear Grylls shows us Namibia, one of the hottest and driest places in the world. He soon meets with the San Bushmen, masters of desert survival and gets a lesson on how to survive there.

    26 :02x10 - Jungle Swamp
    First aired: May/16/2008

    Bear takes on a week of challenges in an area around the Pacific Ring of Fire and the 2004 Tsunami. He must survive a week of challenges after being dropped into the Indian Ocean and then onto a deserted island with no running water.

    27 :02x11 - Castaway
    First aired: May/23/2008

    Bear continues his second week in Indonesia, the site of a devastating tsunami in 2004 by sleeping in the trees and navigating across waterfalls walking along sheer cliffs.

    28 :02x12 - Siberia
    First aired: May/30/2008

    Bear parachutes into one on the coldest and harshest areas on earth, the Siberian tundra, where he will test himself against extreme challenges. Living in temperatures of minus 30 degrees, he must locate shelter before night falls.

    29 :02x13 - Land of Ice
    First aired: Jun/06/2008

    In the final episode of season four, Bear heads to the Siberian tundra and the Sayan Mountains. Also included is a look at the survival skills used by the Tuvans, yak herders which are Genghis Khan's decedents, who are experts in surviving in cold climates.

    30 :03x01 - Baja Desert
    First aired: Aug/06/2008

    The season 3 opener finds Bear dropped in Baja, Mexico, as he is challenged to survive in the desert, including being blinded by bee stings and a face to face meeting with a deadly rattlesnake.

    31 :03x02 - The Deep South
    First aired: Aug/13/2008

    Bear slogs through the Deep South in the US, into the swamps where he fights an alligator, handles venomous snakes and catches a catfish in his bare hands. Lastly he travels a path of destruction which Hurricane Katrina left behind.

    32 :03x03 - Ireland
    First aired: Sep/03/2008

    Bear must climb a 2000 foot high cliff and remove himself from a peat bog after digging up dead sheep to eat while stranded in Ireland's rugged western coast. He also faces hypothermia after being washed from his shelter by a storm.

    33 :03x04 - South Dakota
    First aired: Sep/10/2008

    Bear heads to South Dakota where he visits three of their wilderness areas, the Black Hills, the Great Plains and the Badlands.

    34 :03x05 - Bear's Essentials
    First aired: Sep/17/2008

    Bear gives a list of his essentials needed for survival which are good for many environments, including deserts, jungles, swamps and icy mountain tops.

    35 :03x06 - Belize
    First aired: Jan/12/2009

    Bear heads to the jungles of Belize, where he'll face a dangerous white water river and a 9 foot boa constrictor.

    36 :03x07 - Yukon
    First aired: Jan/19/2009

    Bear takes a dangerous white water ride and explores the depths of an abandoned gold mine while in Canada's frigid Yukon territory.

    37 :03x08 - Oregon
    First aired: Jan/26/2009

    Bear Grylls heads to Oregon where he must catch and cook his dinner in the dark.

    38 :03x09 - Dominican Republic
    First aired: Feb/02/2009

    The host heads to Oregon and its wilderness as he braves Hell's Canyon, encountering steep cliffs, frozen lakes and the rapids of Snake River.

    39 :03x10 - Turkey
    First aired: Feb/09/2009

    While in Turkey the host is challenged by poisonous snakes, scorpions, climbs up the side of steep cliff's and hazardous white water rapids.

    40 :03x11 - Romania
    First aired: Feb/16/2009

    bear takes on steep ravines, cavernous water systems and an adult brown bear while visiting Transylvania in Romania.

    41 :03x12 - Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide Part One
    First aired: Feb/23/2009

    Bear offers a survival guide to the most dangerous places, from falling into the Siberian ice, to battling sharks to make it off of an Indonesian deserted island, plus skinning and eating snakes while in Panama's mangroves.

    Will Ferrell Special
    First aired: Jun/02/2009
    Guest star: Will Ferrell (Himself)

    Bear and actor Will Ferrell make a trek to the frigid north of Sweden, teaching him survival skills along the way.

    43 :04x01 - Arctic Circle
    First aired: Aug/12/2009

    Bear heads to the Arctic Circle as he challenges an icy waterfall, hunts for wild reindeer and contends with some of the coldest conditions on earth.

    44 :04x02 - Alabama
    First aired: Aug/19/2009

    Bear heads to Alabama where he meets up with a wild boar, contends with a forest fire, fends off the freezing white water rapids and take a dark journey through a limestone cave.

    45 :04x03 - Vietnam
    First aired: Aug/26/2009

    Bear heads to Vietnam where he confronts a spitting cobra, blood-sucking leeches, endures a flood and eats a forest scorpion.

    46 :04x04 - Texas
    First aired: Sep/02/2009

    Bear heads to the Chihuahuan Desert in Western Texas, where he'll test his survival skills against such creatures as a diamondback rattlesnake.

    47 :04x05 - Alaska
    First aired: Sep/09/2009

    Bear heads back to a Alaska to challenge a glacier, hangs by his fingertips from a forest waterfall and is nearly crushed between an iceberg and his rescue craft.

    48 :04x06 - Bear's Ultimate Survival Guide Part Two
    First aired: Sep/16/2009

    Bear takes on some of the world's most dangerous snakes, uses his own finger for bait to catch catfish, and meets tribes who tackle the toughest of terrains, eats raw goat testicles and hunts down some porcupines.

    49 :04x07 - The Inside Story
    First aired: Sep/23/2009

    The crew discuss what it's like following around Bear as they document his adventures and share his experiences during the making of the series.

    50 :04x08 - Pacific Island
    First aired: Jan/06/2010

    While on a Panamanian island, Bear Grylls must create fresh water and fish for food.

    51 :04x09 - China
    First aired: Jan/13/2010

    Bear Grylls heads to Southern China following a typhoon where he must forge swollen rivers, climb gorges and is attacked by stinging ants.

    52 :04x10 - Big Sky Country
    First aired: Jan/20/2010

    Bear Grylls takes on Big Sky Country -- paragliding above the Rockies, traversing vast gullies, and making the most of abandoned debris before making his great escape on a moving train.

    53 :04x11 - Guatemala
    First aired: Jan/27/2010

    Bear Grylls rappels onto a live volcano in Guatemala, navigates a waterfall in an underground cave, creates a nest to safely sleep in but gets an unwelcome bed buddy, and encounters ancient Mayan ruins.

    54 :04x12 - Urban Survivor
    First aired: Feb/03/2010

    In a special edition of Man vs Wild, Bear Grylls finds himself in a new kind of jungle -- a concrete jungle. Bear uses the same wilderness survival techniques to stay alive in a city post-disaster.

    55 :04x13 - Shooting Survival
    First aired: Feb/10/2010

    Go behind the scenes of Man vs Wild. Meet Bear's stalwart crew and follow along as they go to extremes to fearlessly -- and sometimes fumblingly -- film Bear trekking to the ends of the earth.

    56 :04x14 - North Africa
    First aired: Feb/17/2010

    In the North African Sahara, Bear gets creative finding water. He treks to the coast, catches an octopus, makes shelter with acacia trees, and eats a stomach-turning bug burger breakfast of locusts and moths.

    Bear's Top 25 Man Moments
    First aired: Jun/19/2010

    Go inside Bear's Top 25 Man vs Wild moments.

    58 :05x01 - Western Pacific
    First aired: Aug/11/2010

    Bear Grylls is marooned on a desert island somewhere south of Papua New Guinea. He wades across a shark-infested tidal channel, climbs crumbling volcanic cliffs, leaps over a 100-foot death drop, and constructs a bamboo windsurfer to make his escape.

    59 :05x02 - Northern Australia
    First aired: Aug/18/2010

    Bear Grylls skydives from a wartime cargo plane into Australia's Northern Territory. He will rely on many of the survival skills honed by the aboriginal people who live in Arnhemland to survive in this sweltering landscape where 100,000 crocodiles rule.

    ---NOT YET AIRED---

    60 :05x03 - Canadian Rockies
    First aired: Aug/25/2010

    61 :05x04 - Season 5, Episode 4
    First aired: Sep/01/2010

    62 :05x05 - Season 5, Episode 5
    First aired: Sep/08/2010

    63 :05x06 - Season 5, Episode 6
    First aired: Sep/15/2010

    64 :05x07 - Season 5, Episode 7
    First aired: Sep/22/2010
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    I concur. It would also be nice if the new episodes were updated on the site. I thought this site tried to always stay current.
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    I tried to submit them but there's just to many incorrect ones and no time. Maybe some admit should just read the forum and update the episode numbers...

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    It should all be up to date now.
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