Man vs. Wild

Season 2 Episode 4

Jungle (2)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 30, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Bear is still in the Panamanian jungles where he has learns more survival tips from an indigenous tribe, and he also has to eat some rather gruesome meals...
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  • Bear starts the second trip of his trek through Panama.

    Bear Grylls ends up in Panama once again. He shows how to build a hammock to you're not sleeping on the ground with scorpians and snakes. He runs into ingenious inhabitants who teach him to always walk down wind of his enemy and as Bear is entering drug running areas this is a pretty good idea for Bear. Once he realizes that he could be in danger he doesn't build fires and eats everything he catches including snakes raw. He climbs high to get to his rendevous place with his helicopter. He does show how to build a fire very near a tree so the smoke rises up against the trunk of the tree and dissipates in the over head canopy. A very good show. I love Bear Grylls thoug.moreless

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    • Bear: (as an Embera tribesman shows how they do animal calls with a leaf) They want me to have a go of making this noise with a leaf, but I have a dreadful feeling this is not going to resemble a call of an agouti, what comes out of this leaf, but let's give it a go. (he tries a couple of times, then gives up, laughing) I'm not sure what animal that was, but we'll see what comes charging out of the jungle.

    • Bear: I always think there are like three phases that people go through when they arrive in the jungle. And the first is when they arrive with no knowledge of the dangers. And then the second is when they get an understanding, you know, just how alive the jungle is- where the snakes are, where the scorpions are. But in the final stage is realizing, if you're going to make any sort of progress here, you need to just relax and go with it. And that's the phase you want to get to.

    • Bear: Out here, what you know can save your life, but what you don't know could kill you.

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