Man vs. Wild

Season 1 Episode 13

Kimberly, Australia

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 06, 2007 on Discovery Channel
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Episode Summary

Despite large towns and cities, Australia is still made up of some of the biggest, most barren deserts and wastelands in the world. Harboring multiple species of dangerous animals, Bear teaches about how best to deal with them, where to find food, and that drinking your own urine may be the difference between life and death.moreless
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  • Bear gets hot!

    I just love Discovery for allowing this show to continue and for the occasional all day marathons they run of the show. I can not imagine being in the bush in 100% humidity as Bear was. I love figs too but not sure I would eat them unripe off a tree. The scenery was beautiful. Bear using his underwear to shield his head was interesting but the worst was Bear drinking his own pee! I can not even begin to imagine what that tasted like! Bear likes to eat his food alive too, something I would absolutely have to be starving to do!moreless

    really good episode, but i thought that you only brang a waterbottle and your knife?Where can u get that awesome FLINT!?!?!And wow i didnt know my own urine would be that valuable, a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ab ab a b b b b b b b b b b b b b bb b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b I'm just doing this so i can finally post itmoreless
  • pee and spiders and snakes, oh my!!

    I actually gagged when Bear had to drink his own pee. Then he stars to describe it, warm and satly. Having some medical knowledge I get that urine is sterile right after it leaves your body and is safe to drink, technically, but salt content could cause some problems. But as I suffer from arachnophobia I could probably drink my own pee way before I could ever grab and eat a spider. Snakes are not at all better so I guess that I would totally die in the outback. Bear is always talking about the willingness to take things to the extreme, that's not in me.moreless
  • Bear goes to the Extreme...

    Now this is what I am talking about... Bear drinking his own pee, NICE!!! It is also cool, how he describes the history of the aborigiense, and it was interesting on how there is a song to go along with the land.

    Crazy that he kept the snake, pretty cool, and it actually made sense. Kept the snake cool and safe, until its demise when he had to swing it by the tail and crack the head on the ground. Bummers way to die, and besides, at least it is better than the spider he ate. Ewww crunchy. Its always the close ups when you get to hear it crunch...LOL

    Anyway, next week is a new episode. Bring it Bearmoreless
  • Great new episode!

    This episode rocked today! Awesome like always, I really liked the change of scenery, I really love the Outback and this showed everything that is really cool and Interesting, this episode was really informative and was just a great one to watch! There was absolutely no part of this episode that I didn't like, no part at all, there is actually no part in any episode of Man vs. Wild that I don't like because they are just a great way to look at bad situations. He can make it out of anything! I loved how this episode also showed major changes in weather, how it was really hot and humid one minute and it rapidly changed to very very hard rain. That was really interesting and really cool to see. Now that I thought about it there was a part that I didn't like about this episode, when he drank his own pee, yea that was a little disgusting but he needed to do it to survive, I guess. No one can hate Bear though, he is a great guy and deserves the best treatment for what he has to go through with his job, he does an awesome job and I hope this show never goes off air.moreless

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