Man vs. Wild

Season 7 Episode 1

Men vs. Wild With Jake Gyllenhaal

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Jul 11, 2011 on Discovery Channel



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    • Bear: (after they cross a waist deep, freezing river) Great job, you know? Takes balls, I'm not joking. Takes balls.
      Jake: Well, mine are right up in my throat, right now.

    • Bear: (gigling, as Jake kneels in front of him in the snow cave) Kind of reminiscent of a few scenes in... a few scenes in Brokeback Mountain.
      Jake: (quickly whirling around) I sure hope not!

    • Bear: (as Jake kneels in the snow) Poor Jake, this is how you have to have a pee when it's this windy. You have to kneel down. Always pee downwind, that's lesson one.
      Jake: I've spelled a 'B' out. 'BG'. Spelled it in the snow.
      Bear: It's kind of like taking the dog out for a walk. 'Jake, time to pee!'

    • Jake: (leading the way in whiteout conditions) I feel like I'd follow Bear anywhere, but right now, he's following me, which is just such an odd thing. I don't why he trusts me- I guess he has me roped off.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Jake: (as they dig a snow cave for shelter) I just found Will Ferrell frozen in there.

      Jake is referring to the first Man vs Wild celebrity special in season three in which comic actor Will Ferrell joined Bear in the frozen back country of Sweden.

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