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  • Nasty & heartless

    There is no need ( cameras are present) for this guy to find baby snakes - bite their heads off & eat them. The animals are in their natural habitat - you are the stranger. Some of the bugs are disgusting - they don't save you. Quit eating nasty sh--. Pretend to eat them like you pretend to be lost. He goes out of his way to walk in water . One of the first rules of survival is to stay dry. By the way did I say quit eating disgusting sh--. ( especially when you really don't have to). Just say you could eat this or you can eat that - don't bite the poor thing head off then actually eat him. Boy you nasty and did I say heartless.
  • Excellent Show

    Man vs. Wild has few scenes that are staged and fake, but it's way too obvious that the majority of it is very real. Either way, who gives a shit? This show is very entertaining and highly educational. Bear Grylls is unbelievably knowledgable about anything that has to do with nature and survival, from wildlife and weather to building and improvisation. The show is also very exciting. Bear places himself in many near-death situations that can leave you on the edge of your seat. And probably the highlight of every episode is when Bear eats some of the most revolting (but seemingly beneficial) things you can imagine, from insects to fluid from animal dung O_O Everything about MvW is entertaining and fun to watch and it was one of my highlight shows during the golden days of Discovery Channel, when the channel was actually educational instead of showing random crap like they do today.
  • good adventures

    this is the best program i used to look out its has cool adventures that having bear i like bear and appreciate his survival instinct
  • What the hell?

    I just read something that says this is pretty much fake sh**. I did like this show. Found it interesting. Who knows now.:(
  • let's see who can handle the truth !!

    An entire episode was shot in Australia, in a caravan park .... yes ..... the whole park was booked, filled with crew and Mr Grylls of course. All the 'food' placements was marked with markers, routes were plotted, etc.

    Yes, he does the stunts himself.

    If he makes a mistake or the scene is not done correctly the 'action part' was re-shot !!!!

    Regular breaks were taken during the shooting and after a days 'work' they retire to their caravans.

    and that's 'how it's made'

  • Pretty Pointless Show!

    This or is not much good. I don't count this show as realty show. but its interesting some time I enjoy watching this. we can watch this and but we have try and perfectly train most of the things that bear do. if bear really wanna teach how to survive it's better to start training program. this show is just for cheap publicity.
  • For someone saying it's hard to "get lost" in the wilderness, you're right, but WHEN and IF you DO get lost, you'll be happy for any "Survival" shows you may have seen.


    Man vs. Wild is mostly entertainment, however if you watch all the episodes, there are loads of interesting information to pick from.

    Bear is extreme, and can probably do things that 95% of the population cannot... however there are skills he shows you in many episodes (rope making, looking for water in dirt, purifying water quickly, etc...)

  • It is hard to get lost these days that the so called knowledge this joke of a show communicates is quite useless.

    You really need to be out of your mind to get lost and be in a situation which Bear Grylls usually fakes he is in. He is not alone and a most probably a big TV crew is along with him. Most of the times he is doing nothing but pandering to the base instinct and probably telling us how we used to live when our homes were in caves. And he does nothing but running around destroying whatever little wildlife is there by killing a alligator or eating a snake raw etc. I wish he takes on a lion cub and gets caught by the lion mother and show us how to survive that. People viewing and enjoying this should move to wild with Bear Grylls as there village chief. Shame on the reputed channels showing us this worthless show.
  • I like the show and watch it often, but this dude is lucky to be alive.

    As noted I do like the show and watch it often. It's very entertaining. But this guy is lucky to be alive even with his camera crew and support at hand. I remember something to the effect that Bear had some serious military training in survival skills in the past. I'm amazed that he made it through even that!

    The dude, really fun to watch now - don't get me wrong - but he's a spastic! How the heck he's lived so long - forget the challenges of the show - is beyond me. I'd hesitate to follow him across a city street.

    I'm watching the Artic episode as I write and, frankly, I'm amazed he made it past the first 17 minutes, given that he'd dropped his hard won meat into a freezing water hole and then promptly proceeded to follow it in. Good luck.

    Bear's impatience, which to his credit he's aware of, is absurd. You can't live in the wilderness with that kind of impatience! He bulldozes into situations like a rank amateur blissfully assuming that sheer determination, momentum and luck will get him out the other side. So far so good, but remember he has some serious support out there.

    A Boy Scout would be better at this. One of the key elements in wilderness survival is the analysis of a dangerous situation and the application of a thoughtful plan.

    Maybe it's the 40 minute limitation of show time that drives him (the rest being given over to advertisements) ... I don't know. But if the show's intention is to impress someone that this is the way to do it -- get serious!

    But, as I've said, I do watch it and find it ... entertaining. But I think part of it is that I'm so amazed that actions so moronic, even maniacal, don't result in his demise right there on TV. And, of course, I want to see more!

    Maybe someone will someday put together a show that shows how it really should be done. Meantime, the Bear will do.

    Go Bear!
  • Yes, they are two different shows.....

    I have noticed in some of the reviews that fans think that Man Vs Wild is a show one learns so much on survival, and SM is entertainment. I am a little lost on that thought. This is my opinion: If I ever go camping again ( which I kind of doubt at my age ), I would rather watch ten reruns of SM than MVW for a little insight. Something tells me I would go camping near here, maybe in the Shenandoah State Park, or VA Beach area- Not Vietnam, a volcano lava tube, or in the freaking Alps or the Amazon. You may learn a few things from MVW, but SM will teach you basic stuff for us normal folks here in America. This Bear guy is good at what he does; fit; a accent that probably drives the chicks crazy. SM is SM- You see what you get. No glitz, parachutes, or camera crews following close. ( I hope he never stops quick! ). Thank You.
  • I admit, I used to like this show before the fraud of it all was exposed, now I just find it annoying.

    The show shouldnt be used as any survival information at all incase there is an off chance that someone wants to go find a river and follow it to civilization.

    The show is bull, its all about editing to make it seem dramatic and it just filled with an overacting bear doing lil stunts like climbing or jumping or whatever. None of it is about really survivng , its just about a guy pretending to survive in beautifully exotic locations (the only saving grace of the show).

    Its hilarious that the show figures that Bear eating nasty things is a hit, so every episode now, they have this guy eat "something" and give the nastiest discription of how it tasted to everyone "like a puss fill gritty gush of blah blah blah". Keep in mind, it made sense if he were "survivng" and actually hungry but this guy sleeps in hotels and eats catered meals like everyone else in the crew, so that action is now far less interesting, and frankly, just stupid in light of the truth.
  • Survivorman he's not.....Crocodile Hunter wannabe, maybe....

    It's concept is simple...a man trying to Survive in the wild...yes, Survivorman already did this on the same channel..but this copycat is less informative, more macho, less safe and less real.

    Bear doesn't go it alone..he takes a camera crew, and do you think they're not gonna pack food and water? Highly doubtful.

    Bear loves to tear up everything he comes across. Here's a plant to rip's an animal we should leave alone...let's kill it...trying to act macho is not survival....and he doesn't respect nature or anything...I killed this so I could wear it, or to show you how to eat it now I'll complain about how bad it tastes instead of being grateful to have anything like someone in a real survival situation would be.

    Making this show worse, Bear does some stupid dangerous crap and tells us we should do it in the survival case. No, should not drink your own pee...(while mostly water, unpurified it contains toxins that can do serious harm if re-digested), and shouldn't reach into a killer bee hive just to get some honey. Hmm....a little honey or risk getting stung multiple times and getting swollen, sick, or worse..(the jackass is lucky he only got stung once)...this is not survival...this is stupidity.
  • Entertaining as heck, but my views have now been colored by the "real or staged" revelations.

    I first thought man vs wild was one of the coolest new shows I had seen in a long time. Now of course I didn't think he was putting his life in danger and I knew camera sound and other people were with him the whole time. But I did think he was really in the wilderness, doing all the things he said, and staying out there the whole time. All of that has since been called into question with more allegations proven then others. But that doesn't change the fact that the show is still really entertaining. Bear is an engaging host who does some really exciting and cool things. The scenery and locals are still great to see, and a lot of the information, especially about local plant and wildlife is very informative. So now the reruns have been re-edited and the new episodes reveal what is staged, so the show lost some of it's cool factor. But it's still interesting enough to be worth watching if you have the time.
  • The killing of animals is allowed on this show as entertainment under the guise of being educational. Why is this allowed? Let us remember this is a reality show...not reality itself. This is for entertainment only.

    I am 26 years old and a vegan. I work for the National Park Service and love my job because I am able to work outdoors and enjoy nature. I do not watch television a lot because I am usually hiking or camping. Recently while on a work trip and staying in a hotel I was flipping through the channels and came across something that brought me to tears, the television show "Man vs. Wild". This show is a reality show in which the actor must survive in the outdoors with no help. In this episode the actor killed many fish, raided a nest and stole raven eggs, and viciously killed and ate a rattlesnake. I am offended at this show. The killing of animals is allowed as entertainment under the guise of being educational. Why is this allowed? Let us remember this is a reality show...not reality itself. It is entertainment, why else would it be shown on network television? I do not believe and can not conceive of the thought that anyone believes this to be educational or anything other than the murder of animals for entertainment.
    This show is aired on the Discovery Channel @ 9pm under the category of reality or action/adventure.
    Please help me. PETA already is!!!!!
  • This is probably the most informative survival show around. i've always wanted to know how to survive in life threatening situations (incase I get into one)& watching this, gives u that edge on how to survive when you are feaced with these situations.

    This is probably the most informative survival show around. i've always wanted to know how to survive in life threatening situations (incase I get into one)& watching this gives u that edge on how to survive when you are feaced with these situations. You may notice a bit of "setup" in the show, but nevertheless, he is still the one who swims the artic, climbs and decends from mountains and rock faces. he is the one who rubs the sticks together to make fire. He makes his shelter from ice, caves and tree branches. he eats the raw snakes, bugs and other edible creatures. you can see bear's dedication to this show and his dedication on telling you how to survive. for me this is the show that redifines "Survival TV".
  • I think Bears survivor show is a good one.I admit I would have a hard time eating some of the stuff that he eats on his show.I was wondering if he ever got sick from eating any of these items.And would have to spend sometime in the hospital?

    Bear has a very good show..There is a lot to learn from it.I try to watch all his shows.He shows different ways on how to find & catch your food &
    how to make water(find water),when out in the desert.
    But I often wonder way he risks his life,by jumping into water that is less than 32 degrees. Or why he jumps off of a cliff that could be over 40ft from the ground,into a lake or river.I wonder if he ever gets hurt. I know I would try to find a way around the cliff to get to the other side of the river(lake).Wouldn't it be easier & safer to go around?
    But all in all,Bear has a very good show,and I find it very educational.
  • This show hurts.

    I have to say that this show makes me happy to be in a safe environment. This guy is totally asking for death. I wonder if he has a death wish. He keeps pushing the issue and it makes for some entertaining television. I am surprised he hasn't killed himself and I can say that I respect him for being tough, but not for being stupid. The show is very educational and sheds some light on how to survive in harsh, impossible conditions. I wouldn't eat the things he has eaten and I wouldn't even try. Of course, it's easy to say that when I am not in the situation of desperation. Overall, this is a good show and one can learn alot from watching it. Thank you.
  • This guy is crazy!

    I really love to watch thise kinda shows that makes people have to push them selfs to the limit, i have to say that this guy s crazy half the things he does to live out in the wild i would be died that is all i can say i don't now how he does it every episode gets harder for him and he still finds a way out of were every he is. Some people think that it is all fack and there are people every were with him and they just give him somthing to eat after a cut but i think that he is real and does all of thise thing our what would be the point of showing the people how to live out there if you get in a problam and can't get out i think that he is all real and does what you see and he does not get outside help after a cut of a part of the show, i do now that there are camera men there but i think that he does all of it him self! =)
  • Bear is a very charismatic person, and he puts you in a totally new dimension.

    In the show, Grylls both demonstrates and narrates techniques for wilderness survival in regions around the globe, from ice fields and mountain ranges to swamps and deserts. The general format of each episode is that Grylls is dropped into the region simulating a stranded explorer/tourist. The episode documents his efforts to survive and find a way back to civilization, usually requiring an overnight shelter of some kind. Bear also tells about successful and failed survivals in the particular area he is in.

    The program has shown him eating raw meat and live fish, staving off hypothermia, and drinking the fluids of elephant feces and his own urine for hydration. In advertisements for Season Two of Man vs. Wild, Grylls is shown eating an enormous grub while the announcer states, "Does Bear Grylls really need to do these things? No, but you might."

    Given the premise that Grylls completes the episodes unaided, the amount of help Grylls receives off camera and during filming the show has been debated, and attracted press and viewer comment. In the pilot episode, Grylls was made to wear a concealed lifejacket for one scene for health and safety reasons. For subsequent shows he has insisted all sequences be performed his way.

    In April 2008, Grylls and Discovery released a book that includes survival tips from the TV show.

    Man vs. Wild is similar to a competing Discovery Channel series Survivorman. In that show, however, the survival expert (Les Stroud) is not accompanied by a camera crew, but has a significant production and safety crew nearby that he communicates with at least once each day.
  • Bear Grylls (born 7 June 1974), is an English television presenter and adventurer. He was born Edward Michael Grylls, but legally changed his name to his secondary school nickname: Bear

    Grylls hosts a documentary series titled Born Survivor: Bear Grylls for the British Channel 4, known in the U.S. on Discovery Channel as Man vs. Wild. This series is titled Ultimate Survival for Discovery Channel in Europe, Asia, and Africa. The series features Grylls being dropped into some of the most inhospitable places on earth, and showing viewers how to survive. The second series premiered in the US on 15 June 2007, the third in Nov 2007, and the fourth in May 2008. Grylls is currently filming the fourth series.

    Some of his stunts include climbing sheer cliffs, wading rapids, and even wrapping his urine-soaked t-shirt around his head to help stave off the desert heat.
  • Ok first off this is much better then survivor man. This show at leasts tells you he has a camera man.

    This show is one of the better survival shows out there. Now people this is a survivor show. It shows you how to survive in these situations. Now if you watch the disclaimer at the very beginning of the show it says that he gets assistance in dangerous situations, that the area is sweeped for danger via helicoptor, and that there are certain situations presented to him so he could show you what to do. Unlike survivor man this is a bit easier to think is real. Because he says that he is with his camera man. (Unlike survivor man that only shows him by himself)
  • Awesome

    Bear Grylls is the host of the Discovery Channel's, Man vs Wild. In it, he goes to the most extreme places on earth and explains all the survival tips you'd need to make it out of there alive. Sometimes he is stranded in the hottest desert, or the coldest mountain, but he really knows his stuff and manages to keep his cool. This is one of the best adventure shows on tv now, and since they have recently begin to show new episodes, the show can only go uphill from here. Overall, an awesome show that I rarely miss. 9/10
  • Exciting & Entertaining! The Ultimate Boy Scout! Needs to play more often!

    The ultimate survival guide for dangerous & beautiful destinations! Let me just say this~ Everyone's a F-ing critic! We all know what we like and what we don't. Man Vs. Nature is such an entertaining show… how could you not get addicted to the live entertainment value of it. Bear Grylls does a great job sacrificing himself to the extreme forces of mother nature and educates us on survival tips through his adventures all over the world~ in all kinds of weather conditions. Regardless of there being a crew for safety reasons and for possible help~ The end result and the final edit is what matters most. Tops! A+
  • Man vs. Wild is a show about a man named Bear Grylls.Bear Grylls has served in the army, has climbed Mount Everest, and has swam to the Arctic.Is there anything else missing? In this show he goes to places where people get lost. He shows us how to survive

    In my opinion Man vs. Wild is a fantastic show! I am the adventurous type of guy so I seriously love this show!Bear Grylls isn't scared to show us these crazy attempts! He is an original.He uses everything around him in order to help himself survive!Although he has a camera crew, they aren't allowedto help him in any way unless he is in risk of death! He helps them sometimes though by helping them climb steep cliffs and going through the bush and forests!One moment I will never forget was when he drank his own pee in the desert!Well, he was really thirsty.A man has to do, what a man has to do!
  • Is it real? well, maybe not entirely, but it's still fun to see..

    I think there's something in everybody that just loves to see someone leave all this high tech junk alone, and survive without any help from the modern world. Even if the camera doesn't show that he's not actually alone in the wilderness, but rather .5 miles away from a family home... it's still great to watch. I've been an avid watcher of this and have seen almost all the shows and even though I know the general format of the shows, I still find myself finding it hard not to watch them. It's the same routine everytime... eat some bugs, build a shelter, and try to get an hour of sleep, but I love it!
  • I think the show is very useful and great in a lot of way's.It's one of the most useful and intresting show's out there.

    I really like Man vs Wild it's very intresting like I said and it's also fun to watch.It's good surival tip's and stuff to know espacially if your out there in situation's like that on the show.Also your seeing him in those situation's,so instead of just reading some book about thing's and stuff like that,you can say,well I'm watching and seeing someone else go through that kind've stuff.It's also good in the place's that he goe's to to show you how to surive in that type of an enviroment,that diffient area other then your own back yard for example.Anyway I've learned alot from the show and it's good stuff,and I'm saying again it's great and if you want a surival show to watch instead of reading some book,watch this or SurivorMan but it's still great.
  • This show gives the worst survival advise of anything I have ever seen.

    Never in my entire Marine Corps Career have I ever heard anything that supports the advise this man gives. If you follow it you will likely die. I have been to every survival school that both the Marine Corps and SOCOM have to offer, and I was at one point a SERE interrogator. If I ever heard one of the instructors advising a student to do any of the things that Eddie does I would drag them into the treeline and beat them within an inch of their life. Please do not take this show as anything more than entertainment. Because that is all it is. This show holds ZERO educational information. It is better suited for FOX, or MTV. I do however find myself laughing a lot during this show. It is very funny.
  • I love it...

    I first started watching Man vs. Wild when it first came out, I have always been a big fan of "survivor" type shows, but I never found one that has caught my attention like this show has. Bear Grylls has set out to help show people that accidents can happen in the great outdoors, and shows how to be prepared for such. In Man vs. Wild, Bear puts himself into difficult situations and shows how to survive. Bear is a great host and is very qualified, he has climbed Mount Everest, and served in the British Special Forces. When Man vs. Wild comes on, you can find me glued to my t.v set.
  • I can't stand Survivorman. This English chap is exactly what one needs to learn how to survive.

    Man vs. Wild is so much better than Survivorman. Bear Gryll's really goes the distance to show you how to survive under extreme conditions. He has drank his own urine, squeezed the urine out of a dead camel in the Sahara Desert, ate scorpians, spiders, grubs, unripe fruits and taught what not to eat. He has munched snake, critters of various sizes and showed how to squeeze water out of sand. My favorite epi is when he is in the Sahara Desert. Discovery Channel was right to bring this British soldier back after all the flack he got for emergency conditions having to stay in a motel once in a while. Thank you Discovery Channel. Thank you Bear!
  • Another great, educational show about surviving in the Wilderness

    Bear Grylls hosts Man vs. Wild, a highly informative show in which Bear literally jumps out of an airplane and parachutes himself into the middle of the Wilderness in some geographacal location in the world. Once he is there, a camera crew follows him as he treks through the Wilderness and becomes a hunter/forager, seeking out food, water, and shelter. The camera crew who follows him thorughout these "adventure quests" is not allowed to interact with him in any way, shape, or form, unless he is in serious trouble. Although I have heard Bear tell them to "come here" in one episode, in which he wanted to show them an old, rundown lodge of some kind! Was it from the 1800s or 1900s? Who knows? Nevertheless, this is an awesome show to watch if you are considering a trip into the Wilderness. My favorite episodes of this show all feature mountainous areas and include Alaska.
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