Man vs. Wild

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)





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  • Yes, they are two different shows.....

    I have noticed in some of the reviews that fans think that Man Vs Wild is a show one learns so much on survival, and SM is entertainment. I am a little lost on that thought. This is my opinion: If I ever go camping again ( which I kind of doubt at my age ), I would rather watch ten reruns of SM than MVW for a little insight. Something tells me I would go camping near here, maybe in the Shenandoah State Park, or VA Beach area- Not Vietnam, a volcano lava tube, or in the freaking Alps or the Amazon. You may learn a few things from MVW, but SM will teach you basic stuff for us normal folks here in America. This Bear guy is good at what he does; fit; a accent that probably drives the chicks crazy. SM is SM- You see what you get. No glitz, parachutes, or camera crews following close. ( I hope he never stops quick! ). Thank You.