Man vs. Wild

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)





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  • It is hard to get lost these days that the so called knowledge this joke of a show communicates is quite useless.

    You really need to be out of your mind to get lost and be in a situation which Bear Grylls usually fakes he is in. He is not alone and a most probably a big TV crew is along with him. Most of the times he is doing nothing but pandering to the base instinct and probably telling us how we used to live when our homes were in caves. And he does nothing but running around destroying whatever little wildlife is there by killing a alligator or eating a snake raw etc. I wish he takes on a lion cub and gets caught by the lion mother and show us how to survive that. People viewing and enjoying this should move to wild with Bear Grylls as there village chief. Shame on the reputed channels showing us this worthless show.