Man vs. Wild - Season 1

Discovery Channel (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Scotland
    Episode 15
    The UK is the location of Cairngorm National Park which is classified as 'arctic', though not many who go there know it. Bear goes back to basics, killing rabbits for food and using deer skin for shelter. He also demonstrates the correct technique for checking snowy slopes for signs a possible avalanche in just one wrong step away.moreless
  • Ecuador
    Episode 14
    Bear heads off to one of the largest and most impressive areas of the world - Ecuador - which is the location for both the largest rain forest and the largest mountain range in the world. Although most of the wildlife is small in size, many are just as vicious as larger predators, most notably the deadly piranhas. Using whatever he can find to fashion a bow and arrow he shows us how to catch food and keep the animals at bay.moreless
  • Kimberly, Australia
    Episode 13
    Despite large towns and cities, Australia is still made up of some of the biggest, most barren deserts and wastelands in the world. Harboring multiple species of dangerous animals, Bear teaches about how best to deal with them, where to find food, and that drinking your own urine may be the difference between life and death.moreless
  • Mexico
    Episode 12
    Copper Canyon is Bear's destination where the terrain is rougher and hotter than the Grand Canyon. His aim is to avoid dehydration and to shelter himself from the constant heat that can make life dangerous for anyone stranded in the valleys below.
  • Iceland
    Episode 11
    Bear travels to Iceland to see for himself the area in which many people get rescued from every year. Bear must attempt to stave off hypothermia due to the cold and the extremely powerful blizzards, find water in unlikely sources, and eat some less than appealing meals.
  • Everglades
    Episode 10
    Bear heads to a completely new environment where over 60 people are lost every year, the swamps of the Everglades. Lurking above and below the surface are hundreds of thousands of deadly, vicious animals that Bear needs to be wary of finding.
  • Desert Island
    Desert Island
    Episode 9
    Bear lands on a desert island to show how being stranded on one is not as ideal as most people think. Bear walks us through each stage from landing on the island, to finding food and making shelter, to eventually getting off using a hand built raft.
  • European Alps
    Episode 8
    Considering how popular a destination the Alps are, it's a dangerous place for a tourist if you have an accident. Bear shows us how easy it is to survive if you know what you are doing, whether it's making a temporary shelter, or finding sustenance to keep yourself alive.
  • 12/15/06
    Bear travels to Kenya which is one of the few places in the world where you become the hunted rather than the hunter. Bear talks about how to get to your destination using just the stars, and he has to deal with a vast array of deadly creatures that inhabit such a barren environments.moreless
  • Sierra Nevada
    Episode 6
    Bear shows us how to survive in the surprisingly dangerous mountain range which has seen many people stranded over the years. With an good knowledge of how the local Native Americans used to live, he takes on three different terrains that the Sierra Nevada Mountains have to offer.
  • Hawaii – Mount Kilauea
    Bear heads to an active volcano where he must carefully traverse over molten lava and deal with dangerous gases. Bear demonstrates how to survive in both the severe heat and the cooler but equally dangerous rainforest.
  • 11/24/06
    The Alaskan Mountain Range is home to many a skiing accident where many lives are lost each year. Bear heads up there to show how it's possible to survive the cold climate if you get into trouble. With the elements and the environment against him, this will be one of his most difficult challenges yet.moreless
  • Costa Rican Rain Forest
    Bear shows us how to survive the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula where many people are rescued from each year. To get out alive he needs to scale tall trees, plunge down waterfalls, and fight off the local wildlife.
  • Moab Desert, Utah
    Moab Desert, Utah
    Episode 2
    Bear replicates what it would be like for a lost hiker to survive in the popular extreme sports destination of the Moab Desert. On his travels he comes across some dangerous predators, battle with quicksand, and has to navigate his way through small valleys.
  • The Rockies
    The Rockies
    Episode 1
    Bear is given a tough task of finding civilization within a 5 day period. Without any hunting equipment and nothing to start a fire with, he must attempt to survive the harsh climate.