Man, Woman, Wild

Friday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 1/19/12
      Our hosts encounter a freak storm in the Scottish Highlands that force them to scramble down the mountain and toward the coast. They must face heavy fogs, steady rainfall, and two-hundred foot drops off steep cliffs in hopes of finding a fishing village.
    • 1/12/12
      Ruth and Myke Hawke must make their way out of a vast dark cave under mountains in Croatia, avoiding pitfalls like sinkholes and falling stalactites. Leaving the cave proves even more dangerous, as they dodge lost minefields and scorching temperatures.
    • Newts and Roots
      Episode 10
      Myke Hawke returns to the stomping grounds of his youth when both he and Ruth are lost in the remote wilderness of Kentucky. Despite being handicapped by a bad stomach bug, Myke is determined to get rescued, even with a little help from Daniel Boone.
    • Bear's Kitchen
      Episode 9
      Stranded in the cold of a crevasse-ridden glacier, our hosts are forced to face the vast, frozen emptiness of Alaska. They must traverse the mountain of frozen glacial ice and its deadly pitfalls to make it down the mountain into bear territory.
    • Bear Encounter
      Episode 8

      Ruth and Myke are lost in Big Sky Country, Montana. They feel the wrath of mother nature and starting a fire is a matter of life and death. They also come face to face with one of the most dangerous predators in North America.

    • 10/7/11

      Ruth and Myke are stranded in a mountain lion country. They have to scavenge in a desert to survive and the harsh conditions push they to their limits.

    • 9/30/11

      Ruth and Myke are shipwrecked on a remote, uninhabited island that's no paradise. They face the food that can fight back, struggle for every precious drop of water and getting rescued seem next to impossible.

    • 9/23/11

      Ruth and Myke land right on a path of an active volcano. They struggle to survive in the ruins of an abandoned city and come face to face with a tough decision.

    • 9/23/11

      Ruth and Myke are stranded on a remote island where they fight the thick mangrove forest, went for a hunt for wild boar that goes all wrong and Ruth must face the worst nightmare.

    • 9/16/11

      Mykel and Ruth are lost in flooded Amazon rainforest with the odds of starting a fire stacked against them, giant maggots served as a main dinner course and everything around them looking to sting, bite or potentially kill them.

    • 9/9/11

      Ruth and Myke are trapped in the middle of a raging forest fire where their mission is to escape the fire and dodge the falling trees.

    • Lost at Sea
      Episode 1

      Ruth and Myke find themselves lost at sea, stranded in the Bermuda Triangle. They have to battle the burning sun, face deadly sharks and take their marriage to a whole new level.

  • Season 1