Man, Woman, Wild

Friday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Cody Bailey thanks

    I wold dominate at this tv show how do I get a chance to try my skills on your show
  • Interesting concept at first, but poorly executed with very little sense of realism.

    I have always loved survival shows. Survivorman is by far my favorite, as Les exhibits real survival skills as he survives without outside aid. That is why, after watching an episode or two of Man, Woman, Wild, i was severely disappointed. Many of the survival techniques i have seen are questionable at best. Now, i am no survival expert, but common sense would seem to warn against many of the so called "survival techniques" found in this show. Some examples are drinking muddy, dirty, contaminated water strained through a dirty sock. Or pouring bleach, which is highly toxic and deadly, into your drinking water in order to purify it. especially in the quantity they were using. I highly doubt they actually took a drink of that water.

    Many of scenarios themselves are completely unrealistic. I can not speak for all of the episodes, but the very first I watched featured the husband and wife team surviving in an area that had been devastated, and evacuated due to a volcanic eruption in the past. Sounds dangerous enough, but they soon stumbled upon an entire deserted village! complete with dozens of houses full of supplies, including water. Animals such as chickens were roaming around the village, which by survival standards, was practically filled with food. I don't know about you, but my idea of a harrowing survival situation isn't one that includes a couch to sleep on, multiple houses that are easily as big as my own, stashes of water and other supplies, and food readily available. In other, more difficult survival situations, they simply give up! After a few days of complaining and trying to make it look like they're doing something they just go home and have tea with crumpets!

    The fact that an entire camera crew is following the duo 24/7 certainly doesn't add to the show's credibility. When several people, equipped with water, food, shelter, and likely weapons for defense, are camped out 2 feet away from you is it really surviving? I'm sure if they were in any real danger the crew would quickly step into assist. That is, if they aren't already giving them aid behind the scenes when the cameras are off! To substantiate this claim i point to the fact that the woman, who is very beautiful, remains looking stunning throughout the show. Even after doing harrowing tasks such as carving a bloody piece of roadkill or trekking through a swamp she looks better than ever! Her nails are always somehow perfect. At most she has a little dirt added on here and there for effect, but you will notice she is periodically cleaned up and looking her best throughout the show. I mean come on, she's wearing earings throughout the entire "ordeal".

    Throughout the show there is also a lot of complaining that you will notice. Now, given in any survival show, the star(s) will explain their hardships and how they are feeling. But i'm talking about near constant complaining. More often than not it is a "No! I'm not going to eat that" complaint. Often right after several "No! I'm not going to do that, you do it" complaints. But i suppose when help is just a few feet away your willingness to go trap or kill a live animal, skin it, and cook it the old fashioned way isn't so high. Why work for your food when you're in no danger?

    My last complaint, and by far the thing that bothers me the most, is the complete disregard for the environmental. There have been many times were Mr. Hawk has insisted on leaving a fire burning as they leave, completely disregarding any chance that the fire could erupt into a massive forest fire. This is when they aren't already intentionally "simulating" forest fires for the show. And by simulating i mean intentionally starting a forest fire and burning down several acres of forest land for the sake of the show. I was utterly shocked.

    I think more than anything this show is meant to feature the "couple" aspect more than actual survival. It is interesting to see how the couple reacts together in the wild. A dual purpose of the show is likely also to bring more female viewers, as well as feminists, into the survival reality scene with the aspect of a woman being thrown into the mix. It is a nice alternative to traditional survival shows. But for those of you who were looking to actually learn something, or see a real life struggle to survive, then you are in the wrong place. However, if you were looking to see a couple spend time together on a camping expedition, then this is just the show for you.
  • Man, Woman, Wild brings a little fresh breeze to mostly star by men survival show category. Not only do women think different than men but as a rookey survivalist Ruth brings a new perspective to show by questioning her expert husband's techniques.

    It's more interesting and educational to watch an expert teaching rookey to survive and it really goes into daily routines of surviving like building a shelter, making fire, getting water and hunting food rather than just running back to civilization. All the questions you may come up as a rookey when watching a survival show Ruth is there to ask them and Myke gives you the answers.

    This show truly shows you how harsh it really is to survive out in the wilderness. It shows all the setbacks that Myke and Ruth face and still they have the will to keep on going and survive. Their attitude, will to fight trough any obstacles and Ruth's will to learn is very encouraging to watch.

    Even though Myke and Ruth face really hard times on their missions the spirit of this show and it's stars is incredibly positive and it's fun to watch. Dynamics of this couple is great and it makes you laugh at times. Ruth is so sweet but capable to survive and Myke is just the man. Just great stars for this show!

    In my opinion Man, Woman, Wild is very much needed unique alternative to survival show category and I'd give it 10/10.
  • It's not the greatest survival show out there, but it's unique and it's because of this uniqueness, that you keep coming back to watch. It deserves a solid 8/10.

    If you're really into survival shows, you have to check out Dual Survival or survivorman, but if you want a little unique taste of a new kind of survival show, then Man woman wild is what you want.

    It breaks the mold of the normal survival show, and makes it a bit more home feeling because of the husband and wife dynamic.

    You'll see events and issues that don't come up in most of the other shows, and that in turn gives it a different feel and makes it a different kind of show.

    It's a solid 8-9 out of 10, and definitely not a must watch, but if you're a survival fan, then you should probably check out atleast a few episodes of this new discovery series.