Man, Woman, Wild

Friday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • It's not the greatest survival show out there, but it's unique and it's because of this uniqueness, that you keep coming back to watch. It deserves a solid 8/10.

    If you're really into survival shows, you have to check out Dual Survival or survivorman, but if you want a little unique taste of a new kind of survival show, then Man woman wild is what you want.

    It breaks the mold of the normal survival show, and makes it a bit more home feeling because of the husband and wife dynamic.

    You'll see events and issues that don't come up in most of the other shows, and that in turn gives it a different feel and makes it a different kind of show.

    It's a solid 8-9 out of 10, and definitely not a must watch, but if you're a survival fan, then you should probably check out atleast a few episodes of this new discovery series.