Man, Woman, Wild

Friday 9:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 16, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Man, Woman, Wild brings a little fresh breeze to mostly star by men survival show category. Not only do women think different than men but as a rookey survivalist Ruth brings a new perspective to show by questioning her expert husband's techniques.

    It's more interesting and educational to watch an expert teaching rookey to survive and it really goes into daily routines of surviving like building a shelter, making fire, getting water and hunting food rather than just running back to civilization. All the questions you may come up as a rookey when watching a survival show Ruth is there to ask them and Myke gives you the answers.

    This show truly shows you how harsh it really is to survive out in the wilderness. It shows all the setbacks that Myke and Ruth face and still they have the will to keep on going and survive. Their attitude, will to fight trough any obstacles and Ruth's will to learn is very encouraging to watch.

    Even though Myke and Ruth face really hard times on their missions the spirit of this show and it's stars is incredibly positive and it's fun to watch. Dynamics of this couple is great and it makes you laugh at times. Ruth is so sweet but capable to survive and Myke is just the man. Just great stars for this show!

    In my opinion Man, Woman, Wild is very much needed unique alternative to survival show category and I'd give it 10/10.