Manchester Prep

Season 1 Episode 1

Cruel Intentions

Aired Unknown Mar 05, 1999 on FOX



  • Notes

    • Deleted/Extended Scenes: (That is featured on the DVD)

      "Sebastian Blackmails Greg" - Extended Scene where Sebastian walks in on Greg and Blaine having sex. Sebasitan tells Greg about Annette, and Greg tells Sebastian that he didn't do anything. Sebastian then tells Greg that he is turned on by this incident and tells him to suck him off. Greg gets close, and Sebastian pushes him aside. Sebastian then goes back to the desk, where he put a digital camera on it, and rewinds the tape. He comments about how Greg really has a mouth like a hoover, and Greg tells him the f word.
      "Sebastian Vs. The Cheeeaders" - Extended Scene - Sebastian calls Annette and asks her about her glasses. They talk and he hangs up. Nearby on his bed, two cheerleaders are prepping each other to make out.
      "Cecile Seduces Sebastian" - Deleted Scene - Where Cecile is taking a bubble bath and seduces him by spreading her legs open. He tells her no at first, but decides to have sex with her.
      "War Between Sebastian & Kathryn" -
      "Sebastian Fails With Annette" -
      "Kathryn Manipultes Ronald" -

      Deleted Scenes: (Not featured in the DVD, but a bootleg version that surfaced on eBay):

      Another Nude Scene With Ryan Phillippe, making it clear that he didn't wear anything when in the pool.
      Kathryn yelling at Mai-Lee.

      Alternate Ending: (Not featured in the DVD, but a bootleg version that surfaced on eBay):

      While fighting, Sebastian sees Annette on the other side of a busy street, and he runs to her. He then gets hit from an uncoming taxi.