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  • Season 1
    • Cruel Intentions 3
      This direct-to-video/DVD is a further continuation of the first Cruel Intentions movie set at a posh college campus in Santa Barbara, California. It opens with Jason Argyle, a recent graduate of Manchester Prep, who flies in to enroll where he meets Cassidy Merteuil, the distant cousin of Kathryn Merteuil, (who is in a drug rehab clinic in New York) whom is also enrolling and both take an instant dislike to each other. Apparently their paths have crossed some time in the past. Jason becomes friends with his dorm mate, the shy and awkward Patrick Bales whom makes a bet that he can sleep with Cassidy. Patrick wins the bet and then reveals his true colors for he's not the shy awkward kid as he portrays, but he's an arrogant, egotistical, spoiled rich kid from the Midwest. Jason and Patrick form a mean-spirited partnership of seducing and dumping various young women on campus. When both of their latest conquests bore them, Jason bets Patrick if they can bed out two naive newcomers, Patrick picks the sweet and innocent Alison Lebray, and Jason picks the dim-witted Sheila Wright, as their targets, the winner will have a night with Cassidy. Although, Patrick overplays his hand with Alison, Jason's more softer approach gets him to first and second base with Sheila. But when Alison refuses Patrick's advances one too many times, he rapes her and claims himself the winner of the bet. Both Jason and Cassidy see Patrick as out of control, and secretly form a plan to bring him down.moreless
    • Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep
      Footage from Manchester Prep was taken and spliced with new footage to make the Prequel of Cruel Intentions. The movie was okay, but the series was way-y better. The Movie is a prequel to the feature movie (starring Ryan, Sarah, etc.) and shows how Sebastian tries to fight temptation, but gives in at the last second. Meet Sebastian Valmont, who just got kicked out of his old high school from his Principal. His Principal, Mr. Freeman vows to Sebastian, with a file like that (must have been really bad, assuming drugs, sex, vandalism, etc.) he is will never get into a new school. Sebastian comments on Mr. Freeman's wife, and asks him how she is doing. Mr. Freeman tells Sebastian, she is fine, and sends him off. Mr. Freeman immediately gets a call from Mrs. Freeman and tells him to turn to one of the pages in the year book. Apparently Sebastian's goodbye present was a naked photo of Mrs. Freeman published in the yearbook. Mr. Freeman yells at Sebastian at the window, as he catches a taxi to New York. Sebastian is ready to get a fresh new start. Sebastian meets his new rich life, as he finds out his step mother owns a whole building. He meets up with his father, who he introduces Sebastian to his step mother, Tiffany Merteuil-Valmont. After Tiffany makes a great impression after Sebastian tries to be naughty around her (Sebastian comments how precious her pussy cat is, while it is sitting on her lap. She strikes back with "Would you like to pet her?") Sebastian then meets Kathryn, his step sister. After outdoing her with their Steinway piano, and correcting her SAT words at dinner, Sebastian has yet to see what she is capable of. While showering, Kathryn interrupts Sebastian, and makes herself an impression, to stay out of her way. Fast forward to school. Outside the Headmaster's office, Sebastian calls a girl, who is just doing some work, beautiful. She is shocked at first, but says thank you. Sebastian comments on how the Headmaster is a joke, before being called his office. Sebastian meets Headmaster Sherman (Headmaster Hargrove in the cancelled series) and Headmaster Sherman calls Sebastian's files impressive after having high marks (4.0 G.P.A., honor clubs, etc.) but it's too impressive to his standard. Then the girl from the office walks in and kisses the Headmaster. Sebastian is shocked at first but he finds out that the girl was actually the Headmaster's daughter, named Danielle. Meanwhile with Kathryn, she finds out she has gym and ballet, the two classes she hates. She hunts down the Assistant Headmaster named Bueller, and threatens to expose their love affair. He tells her he will change her schedule and she walks away like an innocent angel. Sebastian meets Danielle for a second time in one of his classes. When Danielle and Sebastian have a heated argument on Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde, the teacher sides with Sebastian (in a good way). After school, Sebastian catches Danielle working at a used book store and charms the owner to let Danielle off for a cup of Joe. Kathryn's activities after school does not include a job, but a club called the "Manchester Prep Tribunal." We find out that the Tribunal basically destroys lives of other students and run the school. It's a new school year, so the Tribunal goes over all the new students. They review on a girl named Cherie Crayman (Cecile Caldwell in the series), and finds out she is really, really stupid, but extremely rich. Kathryn takes Cherie as her own project to turn her into the school's slut. Kathryn brings Cherie to a club, and gives her Iced Teas, which are from Long Island. A guy, who Kathryn knows, Court Reynolds, approaches Cherie and Kathryn. Kathryn forces Cherie into the bathroom and tells Cherie that Court has an interest in her. Cherie asks what to do, and Kathryn tells her, "You should let him fuck you!" (In the series, she actually says "You should let him fill you up!"). Cherie reveals she hasn't even kissed a guy before, but Kathryn has another idea. Back into the club, Kathryn explains to Cherie, how to kiss using Court as an example. Cherie and Court kiss, and Kathryn explains how to french kiss. Just when Cherie's lips are about to press onto Courts, she vomits onto his pants (which BTW is $300 dollars). He storms off, and Cherie hugs Kathryn in disappointment. Back at their home, Sebastian talks to Danielle on the phone, surprising her, since she didn't give her number. They talk about for an hour before he hangs up after she asks to take is slow. Kathryn just got up and just caught the minutes before the act ended. But he reveals to Kathryn he is smarter than her, and tells her she needs to throw up after having that huge salad and kicks her out. While taking a shower again, Sebastian is interrupted by kissing cousins, after Kathryn sent them in. They reveal to him, how bad the school actually is ("If you don't snort it, SUCK it"). Back at school, we find out Kathryn isn't actually excused from gym from a teacher. She tries to hit on him, but it doesn't work. She storms off and the teacher notices a MALE student walking by. He asks to fix his tie... Kathryn is ultra pissed and goes back to the Assistant Headmaster. She gives him sex, in return to take her off the gym/ballet classes for good. Of course, the Assistant Headmaster chooses to have sex with Kathryn. Meanwhile talking to Danielle, Cherie notices something ringing in her bag. Danielle takes out a cell phone, which is apparently from Sebastian. Cherie comments on how sweet Sebastian is, and pushes Danielle to go for it. Sebastian tells Danielle to meet him down stairs in which she does. By his requests, she closes her eyes and gets a kiss on the lips by him. Danielle freaks out on this, and storms off, after throwing the cell phone at him. We later find out that was Danielle's first kiss and wanted it special, then freaked out. Back with Kathryn, she gets a loud clear message from Cherie, saying that their sleep over will work out over the weekend, after Cherie's mother wanting to talk to Kathryn's mother. When then find out that in the world of high class, charity work is a way for the women to socialize. Apparently, Tiffany has been trying to get funds for the new Manchester Prep school library and wants Cherie mother, Bunny, for "help" in contributing $20,000,00 dollars. It actually happens but the school chooses to name it after the "Crayman" rather than "Merteuil" after their large contribution. We then find out that Sebastian's dad is having an affair and is in trouble after being handcuffed. He goes back home and only Kathryn catches this. Thinking he will get busted from Kathryn, he tries to explain but gets cut off, after he gets some great advice on how to keep Tiffany happy. Kathryn wants this family and doesn't mind to push Edward in the right direction. She then asks, "Who's your favorite daughter?" he responds, "You are." and she kisses him on the cheek before leaving. The next day, Kathryn takes Cherie out on for horse back riding lessons. After great pleasure with the saddle, Cherie has an orgasm on the horse, and tells Kathryn now she knows why girls like horse back riding. Meanwhile with Sebastian, he is out on a little date with Danielle. She teases him a bit, after saying she is tired being the good girl. She massages his crotch, and just when she is about to go down on him (In a public park!) her phone rings. It's her father. She has to go. She leaves Sebastian, with his hard on still raging in his pants. While shopping, Kathryn gets a visit from Blaine, who apparently got Sebastian's original file back. Fast-forward to night, just when Sebastian is about to see Danielle, Kathryn walks into his room. She has almost dominatrix/leather/blackish underwear on. She asks to have him. He gives in for a moment, but resisted temptation and leaves to see Danielle. Kathryn then calls Danielle...... Sebastian arrives at Danielle's home, and tries to confess his love to her. She tells him no, then Kathryn walks out of Danielle's closet. We find out the good Danielle is just an act, and she is actually bad. Danielle and Kathryn proceeds to kiss and Danielle tell him "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em." And so he does! They all have a threesome together. It's a bright new day, while riding in their limo, Sebastian opens a gift from Danielle. It's a journal... for something to right about. We then see the limo almost running over Cherie. The driver apologizes about her broken bike, and Sebastian (To our surprise, whom she forgot!) offers her a ride. The driver tosses the bike aside, and Sebastian fiddles with his new camera. He tells Cherie it's too bad she can't be sexy so he can take her picture. She replies "I can be sexy!" and starts to take off her coat and starts to pose for him. The limo moves on, and in the front seat, we hear Sebastian and Cherie having sex, while Kathryn and Danielle listen on to them. THE END!moreless
    • Disfunction Junction
      Kathryn and Todd were spying on Sebastian and Annette. Kathryn is upset that Sebastian isn't interested in joining the tribunal and is pretty much convinced Sebastian is only dating Annette to suck up to the Headmaster. Kathryn knows Sebastian wants power, but maybe he is going a different way to get it. But Todd has another theory. Maybe Sebastian is just plain in love with Annette? Kathryn doesn't think so, after turning down her invitation to join the tribunal. Todd is suspicious about Kathryn's actions. Todd asks if she's angry at Sebastian for rejecting the Tribunal or just rejecting her in general? He then reminds her, using the Tribunal for personal reasons is a big no-no. Kathryn walks away after thanking Todd (sarcastically) for being a big help. But he chuckles, "You can't get what you deserve." Sebastian warns Kathryn in their expensive school bathroom about her staying away from Annette because he likes her. He gives her a suggestion on not using too much lip gloss before leaving. Kathryn then wipes off all the lip gloss before leaving the bathroom. When Annette was walking outside, a student tells her to stop. He takes a photo of some fruits in a bowl, and introduces himself as Nigel Danby, after he is done. She tells Nigel, that she likes still photography, and tells Nigel, she remembered him from orientation. Nigel then asks Annette for a favor. He wants to take her picture for year book tries out, and she agrees. As she smiles and poses, he snaps away. After taking some of her photos, Sebastian pops in. He introduces himself to Nigel, and Nigel tells Sebastian, he know who he is by word of mouth ("Mr. Big Man on Campus") asks if he could take their picture together. He agrees, and Nigel snaps away of them hugging. Nigel tells them he has to go, and he leaves. Both Annette and Sebastian notice Kathryn screaming at Nigel after he took a picture of her before the bell rings. While walking to gym, Todd tells Sebastian he hates gym class. Sebastian then tells Todd it's the easiest class, and back at his old school, he was on track. They go to a room, only to find out that the sport they will be doing is fencing. While getting massages, Tiffany tells Kathryn about a new student, who will be her new best friend... Cecile Caldwell. Kathryn hates the idea, and tells her plan about making Cecile the school slut. Tiffany tells Kathryn that she is trying to "break them" in for 20 million, for the new school "Merteuil Library." Sebastian walks in, and tells them about his problem, failing gym because of fencing. Tiffany notices how tense Sebastian is and offers a massage. Sebastian excitedly says yes, being that it's his first professional massage. Kathryn suddenly lost her urge for a massage, and offers Sebastian her spot. She says something (possible is French), but Tiffany corrects her. Tiffany tells Kathryn, "Don't say it, if you're not saying it right. It only makes you look foolish." Kathryn leaves, and the two gorgeous women work on Sebastian's thighs as he stands close to them. To stop him from getting aroused, Sebastian says "Dead Puppies" over and over. While lying down after his massage, Sebastian is relaxing on the table and feels someone massaging his back. He asks if it's Sonia, or Ingrid. To his surprise it's Tiffany. He starts to freak but she pushes him down. Tiffany then talks about getting to know each other better. She wants to know get along with Edward, and him but it's hard for her because Edward is always working on his yacht. Tiffany is happy about Edward working on his yacht, but hints to Sebastian if he is cheating on her in anyway, they will be on the street. Before leaving him, she hits Sebastian's behind. Sebastian decides to pay a visit to his father on his yacht. He walks quietly to the bedroom on the yacht but hears a couple of noises in their. He calls for his father before stepping into the room. Edward is lying on the bed, only in his underwear, with his hands above his hand, under a pillow. Sebastian starts to open the first door, saying he is looking for "the cat." Edward is appalled, to think that he was cheating on Tiffany. Sebastian then opens the second door before moving towards his father. He removes the pillow and not to his surprise, Edward is hand cuffed... and behind door number three it's Lilly, Edward's "first mate" who is dressed in a skimpy Victoria Secret like underwear. Sebastian then tells Lilly that didn't his father promised him to sail her around the world? She tells him yes, but Sebastian tells her one thing. Edward is married. Edward tries to reason with Lilly saying that his wife is old and is about to die, but Lilly doesn't buy it. She calls him a jerk and leaves. Edward asks Sebastian to hand him the keys to the hand cuffs, but Sebastian warns him, "Don't mess it up, because it's my life too." (Edward took him in remember) Sebastian teaches his father a lesson, as he throws the keys into a window (straight in the bay) and leaves his father. Sebastian tries to comfort Lilly, but she takes it the wrong way and kisses him after he gives her advice. He turns her down, and tells her about having a girlfriend. She understands, and he tells her about having a several tests in the morning and leaves. Cecile and her mother, Bunny Caldwell, are having a little get together in the Merteuil home. Kathryn presses on with Tiffany's charity for the school library and Tiffany explains in the rich society to get in the high standing is you need to do some charity work. While Tiffany has her head down, Edward walks in with the hand cuffs. Only Kathryn sees this, and he runs away to the kitchen. She excuses herself, and explains to Edward that they are just getting started as a family. So she gives Edward a list to make Tiffany happy (dinner, music, a ring, making love, etc.) Edward is shocked at this, but Kathryn asks, "Who's your favorite daughter?" He tells her, she is, and she leaves. Annette's father, Mr. Hargrove gives Annette money for a train ride to see Sebastian. To her surprise as she walks outside from her house, a limo is waiting for her. The limo driver tells her that Sebastian thought it might have been better to take a limo rather than a train. She is about to enter the limo, Nigel calls for her. Nigel shows her the pictures he took of her, and she is convinced, he will make it in for Year Book. She asks if he is going to the parents' function for school, but he tells her no. Nigel explains his mother is deceased. She then tells Nigel her mother is deceased too. The limo driver coughs, and just before leaving, Annette tells Nigel if he needs to talk, she is there for him. While shaving, Sebastian Kathryn walks in, and helps her dear brother. She explains about the future, how the most of the Manchester Prep students, pref. the tribunal members often get great ruling type positions in life. She then asks why not join her. He explains how they are just monsters, full of hatred. She then tells him about the one guy who choose the boring virgin rather than the rich know it all, which will become poor buying lottery tickets, struggling in life while the other lives in luxury. He asks what about love and friendship. She then explains about how he is the one. The very first person in their family, who she envies about how he lives his life, not full of hatred. She leaves him, and he continues to get ready for his date. Sebastian catches Edward and Tiffany, just about when they are going to leave for dinner. He asks what the occasion is about, and Edward explains Tiffany is special. Henry then tells Sebastian about a young woman waiting for him. Sebastian tells both Edward and Tiffany to stick around to meet...Lilly?!? Both Sebastian and Edward exclaims, "Lilly?!?" After she walks in. Tiffany is appalled that her husband knows Lilly, but he explains he knows the things in Sebastian's life. Lilly is actually here to return Sebastian's coat that he lent her. Tiffany tells them to have fun as she leaves, but Edward slaps Sebastian on the cheek before leaving with her as well. Lilly explains the coat was a decoy for her to see him. Just outside, Annette arrives, and Kathryn greets her by saying "I hope you don't wet yourself on his big date" and shows Annette the way in. Lilly asks if they could do it casual, but Sebastian tells her no. She asks if this would change his mind, and kisses him. Annette and Kathryn just happen to pop up in the elevator, and they are both shocked to see Sebastian kissing another girl. The elevator door closes, and Sebastian still tells Lilly, no. Lilly asks if she could keep the coat, and he agrees. She then tells him, his girlfriend is really lucky. Outside, Annette storms off, and tells Kathryn she did this. Kathryn actually tells the truth, saying that she didn't. She then tells Annette, she could of done it better herself, and thanks god for this. She walks back into her house, jumping for joy. Sebastian leaves a message on her phone, asking what happened. Kathryn doesn't tell Sebastian why Annette didn't show, but tells him its boring virgins. Sebastian thinks that Annette might be having a thing with Nigel. She asks, "Who's Nigel?" and he reminds her about the guy she stomped on after he took her photo. Sebastian then tells Kathryn that Fred, their chauffeur (Kathryn also says, who's Fred?) saw Annette and Nigel in a heated (in a good way) conversation. Kathryn asks if he needs help to squash him. He asks why, and she tells him their reputation will look bad if the boring virgin decided to go with a British pansy (no offense, they wrote it in the script). Sebastian thinks it's serious, and Kathryn says it is. Kathryn asks again if he needs help, and he tells her he'll tell her. Sebastian tells her it's a first they had a friendly conversation, and she tells him to sleep tight just before she leaves. Just before the unveiling of the new library, Annette and Nigel speak to each other. Annette is stroking something of Nigel's and we find out it's his snake (see quotes). He asks how long has it been since he mother died, and she tells her it will be two years. Nigel tells her it will be five. Nigel explains about taking the pictures. It was only so they could talk (because he was probably too shy). Nigel opens up to Annette, telling her the story on how his mother saved his life. It happened when a truck suddenly stopped right in front of their car, and skidded to avoid accident. The car fell into a river, and Nigel's mother pushed him out of window. He tried to swim back for her, but he couldn't. He blames himself for this that she saved him. Nigel then reveals he never told anyone that before, and Annette tells him that he has to bring it out. While walking out to the unveiling, Sebastian asks if Todd if Nigel is part of their tribunal but Todd plays dumb. Sebastian then wants to scream about it, but Todd stops him. Sebastian hopes that this tribunal would not scar their friendship, but Todd tells him, "If there was a tribunal, Nigel wouldn't be apart of it." Mr. Hargrove tells everyone about how Tiffany Merteuil has been raising up for a new library. Tiffany is really happy, thinking it will be under their name. Mr. Hargrove then thanks the Caldwell's for making a huge donation, and he presents, "The Caldwell Library." Tiffany is upset, and Kathryn wants to leave. Tiffany stops her, from breaking their grace, and she congratulates Bunny after Mr. Hargrove unveiled the piece. Sebastian goes to Annette, wanting to talk, but she doesn't. He catches up with her in the hall, and he confronts her about Nigel. In a heated argument, Annette slaps him. She then tells him it's about him kissing the girl in his place. Sebastian tries to explain but Annette doesn't want to hear it. She storms off, and he heads the other way. The next day, Sebastian tries to talk to Annette and offers her three things. An explanation about the girl, a sign audit from Lilly, and a movie, called "Bove" (spelling?) and update teen version on a classic story, which Nigel seemed to steal from the "tragic" story from. She doesn't buy it and she leaves. In fencing, Sebastian and Todd are going at it, but Nigel walks in. Sebastian challenges him. We find out that Nigel was a champion at fencing in his old school. The teacher happens to come back at the right time and tries to stop them but Sebastian hits the teacher in his balls instead. He tells them to go to the Headmaster's office. While walking there, Nigel starts another fight and they happen to crash into a room where Annette is. Nigel fakes on being hurt, and Sebastian tries to explain but Annette tells him to stay away from them, as she brings Nigel to the nurse's office. At the Headmaster's office, he tells both, Sebastian and Nigel, they are messing with the wrong girl... his daughter. He decides to give them a months worth of detention. Sebastian heads back to limo, where Kathryn is waiting for his verdict. He tells her, and then tells her about thinking of giving up because Nigel is just too strong for him. She offers her services, and he agrees. She tells him, she'll find a ride home, and Sebastian leaves for home. At Nigel's dorm room, Kathryn is waiting for Nigel. She tells him about how she doesn't like him pursuing Annette Hargrove. He tells her it isn't her concern. But she backs fires, and tells him, "I don't think you know who you're dealing with." He fires back, "I don't think you know who you're dealing with." He walks up to her, and she says, "Two arms, two arms, the British are coming!" And he says "They certainly are" and kisses her. She asks if he misses her, and he tells her he missed her ever since the Geneva Convention. She asks how the Annette Hargrove thing is going, and he tells her, he'll have her down on fours. She asks, "Woof, woof?" and he tells her "woof, woof" as they continue to kiss each other.moreless
    • Pretty in Plaid
      Pretty in Plaid
      Episode 3
      While Tiffany is out of town, Kathryn tries to coupe with Tiffany's abuse over the phone after giving her some advice. Sebastian catches this, and makes a remark on Kathryn having feelings after seeing her cry. Kathryn tells Sebastian "I'm a human being." Kathryn is threatened when a girl, Millicent Davis (guest starring Sarah Lancaster) when she campaigned for "Zero Tolerance Policy" against drugs. Blaine kicked out of school (by Kathryn's vote) for having a joint in school (his drugs are neatly hidden in a first aid kit) after being caught by Millicent. This hit Kathryn bad, but appoints a new guy, Todd Michaels to be in charge of "sergeant in arms" after he presents himself better in spying during the tribunal meet. Sebastian is introduced to Todd Michaels, who is actually under orders from Kathryn to get to know her mysterious brother. Kathryn tells Assistant Headmaster Mueller, that she will go back to ballet (yes it's a class their school!) and P.E., after he tells her the Headmaster is starting to notice things between them. Millicent gets interviewed by a reporter, Beth, after calling her about the "Zero Tolerance Policy" that would help her get into Yale. The reporter bashes Millicent and she leaves. Behind Beth's chair, Kathryn pays and thanks Beth for ruining the interview. Outside, another man, Alex, got a call and Kathryn decides to do it, seeing it will look good on her records. Cecile asks Annette to tutor her after failing a test in French. Cecile notices Annette's and Sebastian's tension between them after he tries to be romantic with her. Sebastian gives Annette a cell phone and kisses her when she is off guard. She gets upset and throws the cell phone at Sebastian, then storms off. Kathryn who happened to be nearby laughs at Sebastian's attempt to be romantic. Kathryn busts the servants when they are caught playing poker with Sebastian. She threatens to tell Tiffany, but Sebastian tells her no one will find out. Sebastian tells her, no wonder the servants don't get their respect because they treat them so horrible. Kathryn tells him they pay for their services on for their respect. Sebastian then tells Kathryn, they are human beings. Kathryn goes off crying after she made a remark on being a human being earlier. She tells him, its hard living there, under Tiffany's standards. He asks her why do bad things when Tiffany is bad. They get interrupted by a phone call. Sebastian answers the phone and it's Cecile. Cecile tells Sebastian how Annette is crazy about him by making her "moist"... making her eyes moist that is. Sebastian leaves Cecile, and goes to Annette who is walking off somewhere. Annette hears a torrid violin noise that just happened to be played by Sebastian. He asks her about why she got so upset about the kiss. Annette tells him to be himself, and be honest. He tells her, he can't because he's scared. He's in a new city, new friends, etc. He asks her, what she is scared about. She tells him she is scared about missing her train to go home, and rushes off in a cab. Kathryn tries to get to know her Min-Lin (the maid), and she tries to compare each other. Kathryn thinks they have a lot in common, but Min-Lin brushes it off. Back at school, Sebastian tells Todd about his girl troubles, and he tries to give him advice. Sebastian sees Annette, and he wants to know the real answer why she ran. She then tells him to meet her at the quad after sixth period. She walks off, and Sebastian gets pushed into a classroom after a bunch of students notices Kathryn being on TV. A bunch of students listen to Kathryn getting interviewed by Alex, and Sebastian walks out. The students are proud of Kathryn, and she walks to Millicent. Millicent calls her sick after stealing her interview. Millicent knows she will never get into Yale, and Kathryn tells her, she should be careful on hurting people she care for (Blaine) on getting there. Kathryn then gives Millicent a letter (the students have their own mail box) which is a rejection letter from Yale to Millicent. Outside, Kathryn gets greeted by Sebastian then asks her who made her that way (destroy! kill!) and walks off. She mumbles to herself "You wouldn't care anyway." In ballet class, Annette applauds Kathryn on how she squashed Millicent's interview. Annette knows Millicent hurt Blaine, so Kathryn did it in return. The teacher comes in and asks Kathryn to take the floor after he long absence from the class. Kathryn asks a girl, Rachel, to play the song, and Kathryn dances in circles. The class applauds her, and Annette is shocked. (BTW it's great scene they should have ended it with! The music and how psycho Kathryn looked when dancing to it). After sixth period, Annette tells her why she was upset when Sebastian kissed her. She reveals it was her first kiss. She wanted everything to be right, but was afraid to known Sebastian probably been with lots of girls and couldn't compare to. The bell rings and Sebastian and Annette share a kiss before she leaves. Kathryn threatens Sebastian about being bored, so he threatens her back. Kathryn declares war and walks away. Sebastian agrees to war and pushes Kathryn in the mud. She screams and she says... "To be continued..."moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 2
      Meet the troublesome Sebastian Valmont. He just got kicked out of his school by his Principal, Mr. Freeman. Mr. Freeman is convinced with a record like Sebastian (assuming drugs, alcohol, vandalism, etc.) he will never get into another school again. Seeing a picture of Mr. Freeman's wife on his desk, Sebastian asks how Mrs. Freeman is, who was last seen campaigning for censoring books for the school system (holding a picture of a sign "Just say no!"). Mr. Freeman tells Sebastian, she is fine, but he tries to tap into Sebastian.... "The future is what I make of it." With those words, Sebastian hugs Mr. Freeman goodbye. Mr. Freeman gets a call immediately from his wife, saying to turn to one of the pages in the yearbook. Mr. Freeman does so, only to see his wife's picture naked with the sign "Just say no!" (Remember Tara Reid in the Movie? Very similar.) Sebastian walks out in triumph to a cab waiting for him. He picks up a flower after seeing that the cab driver is a girl. They look up at the yelling Mr. Freeman warning him he will never get away with that stuff. Sebastian tells her he doesn't know that person, and charms her by giving her the flower. She asks, "Where you're headed?" He tells her, "New York." Sebastian tells Mr. Freeman "bye-bye" and waves as he leaves his old life behind. Upon arriving in New York, Sebastian is surprise to see that his father hit the jack pot, when they are staying in the whole building and not just an apartment. Edward, Sebastian's father introduces Sebastian to his new wicked family, starting with Tiffany Merteuil who is petting her pussy cat. Sebastian tells Tiffany how precious pus... kitty is. Tiffany then strikes Sebastian back by asking if he wants to pet her. Sebastian then meets her daughter, and his step-sister Kathryn who is playing Moonlight Sonata. Sebastian asks if he have a go with her Steinway piano. He starts slowly by playing "chopsticks", then out beats her by playing a fast song. Fast word to dinner, Tiffany tells Sebastian that Kathryn is the student body president. He is shocked to know she is only a sophomore. Tiffany then tells Sebastian that Kathryn is president of the French club ("Qui?"). When Kathryn tries to speak with those big SAT words, Sebastian corrects Kathryn. Sebastian then asks if he could be excused from being too tired. Edwards shows him to his room (but scolds Sebastian while walking to his room). Tiffany feels outdone, and tells her daughter how foolish she is comparing to Sebastian's "talent" (vocabulary and music). While in the shower, Sebastian gets a not so friendly warning from Kathryn to stay out of her way. She then comments on how nice his package is, leaves, and then flushes the toilet, where he get burned a bit from hot water. At Manchester Prep(atory) Sebastian meets the lovely Annette. Sebastian makes a great impression on Annette after calling her beautiful and that the Headmaster is a joke. She is shocked, but he is called into meet the Headmaster. After reviewing Sebastian's file, Headmaster Hargrove is surprised how great his it is (Sebastian had changed his file). Annette then walks in and kisses the Headmaster. Headmaster Hargrove then introduces Annette Hargrove, his daughter. Meanwhile, Kathryn is having a hard time with her schedule. She notices she has P.E. and ballet (Yes, it's a course) on it. She hunts the Assistant Headmaster Mueller down, and threatens him to expose their secret, of having them having an affair, if he doesn't take it out of her schedule. He tells her yes, and she lightly kisses him on the lips, and then walks away like a sweet angel. Penny Cartwright, Annette's best friend has not been talking to her all summer. Annette finally sees her in the changing room and tells her she missed her company. Penny tells Annette they can't be friends anymore and Annette notices Penny has a tattoo. She asks about it, but it interrupted by Kathryn. Annette leaves, and Kathryn helps hide Penny's tattoo by rolling her sleeve down. After school, Kathryn walks to the "attic" of the school. She is a head of the "Manchester Prep Tribunal." The tribunal is a secret society club that get rids of Freaks and Geeks. They know about everyone and everything. They basically rule the school. Kathryn tells the tribunal about Penny, their newest tribunal member of the new school year. They start to research the new students, and are baffled with Sebastian's transcript of practically nothing. They move onto a girl named Cecile Caldwell the dumbest person, but the richest person in school. Kathryn vows to make it her own personal project to make Cecile the biggest slut in Manchester Prep. Sebastian catches Annette in a used book store looking at a Kama Sutra book. He surprises her and she drops the book (along with everything else). He tells her that it's okay to be sexually curious, but she tells him she wasn't looking at that book. Sebastian asks Annette if they could go for coffee sometime and she agrees. He tells her now, but she reminds him she is working. Sebastian charms Annette's boss (Mrs. Gagon) and they go off to get coffee. Sebastian asks her to take him out to see the city. When things start to get serious, they are interrupted by Kathryn. In her limo, Kathryn wants to take home Sebastian. Sticking to her word, Kathryn takes out Cecile to a club and gives her some iced tea. Cecile notices that the iced teas taste funny, but Kathryn tells her "it's from Long Island" (Sound familiar?). Kathryn introduces Cecile to Court Reynolds. Court is also helping Kathryn, by trying to make Cecile the biggest slut. Court hits on Cecile, but she doesn't noticed it because she is to dumb. Kathryn asks Cecile to go to the bathroom with her. Cecile's answer is "I don't have to go" but Kathryn pinches her and tells her if she doesn't want anymore pinches, she'll to go with her to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Kathryn tells Cecile about how Court finds her cute, and she should let him "fill her up" (in the feature movie, Cruel Intentions 2, Kathryn tells Cecile/Cherie "you should let him fuck you"). Cecile then reveals she hasn't even kissed a boy. Back outside, Kathryn explains to Cecile how to kiss a boy. Cecile and Court press their lips together. Kathryn then tells Cecile that Court will stick his tongue is her mouth. She wants her to do the same but she wants her to massage her tongue with his. (Sounds familiar?) Cecile and Court move in close to each other, but Cecile vomits onto Court's pants. Cecile apologizes but he leaves angry over the pants being it cost a lot (Neiman Marcus prices! Ouch!) Sebastian surprised Annette by calling her. They talk for an hour, but he makes another good impression when he calls her conceded after she mentions she wants to take things slow. He hangs up on her, and he is not surprised that Kathryn is hanging outside his bedroom door. She tells him, "I'm onto you," but Sebastian turns the tables. Sebastian tells her she needs to leave. He tells her she needs to throw up because having a huge salad. She asks "Have you been spying on me?!?", and he kicks her out. He laughs at her ("I had croutons!") but she laughs, because she'll get the last laugh. Back in Annette's bedroom, she is looking at an old year book and notices some of the old students (who are now teachers) have the same tattoo that Penny had. It's in the student club section with their club called "The Manchester Prep Tribunal." The next day at school Annette tells Sebastian how rude he was when he hung up. He apologizes, then tells her to meet up with her (at the Empire State building) to show him the town. She agrees, it's a date. Annette finds one of the teachers who had the tattoo and asks about the Tribunal. He tells her that it was a bad club and they destroyed a lot of people lives because of it. He asks her if she knows the Tribunal is still alive today, since she asked the question. She lies, saying that she doesn't know anything, but he tells her, if she knows something like this is going on; let him know immediately so they could stop the madness. Fast word to their date. Just when Sebastian is about to leave, Kathryn shows Sebastian his original file that she got from fellow tribunal member, Blaine Tuttle. She then tells Sebastian that Tiffany won't be to happy to know where her money is going, seeing that they are paying for Sebastian's birth mother's rehab fee. She then tells him he knows his way with girls. He goes out with them for three months, and then dumps her because he is bored. He tells Kathryn to leave Annette out of this. She likes his attitude, and he then asks her what does she want? She disrobes and starts to kiss him. She tells him "in a game of seduction, Never Fall in Love." Sebastian forgets his date with Annette, and we only can assume they have sex. Back at school, Sebastian tries to reason with Annette, but she doesn't want to listen. She sees Kathryn from afar waving saying hi. Annette walks away and Kathryn moves into Sebastian. Kathryn tells him to let her go, because Annette isn't one of them. Sebastian tells Kathryn to stay away from him (Seeing he wanted to start off fresh). Shortly after, at the tribunal meeting, Kathryn then wants to elect his brother in the tribunal because he IS one of them ...and that he doesn't know it yet...moreless
    • Cruel Intentions
      Cruel Intentions
      Episode 1
      Sebastian Valmont has everything, The Looks, The Eyes, The Money, and The Power. Their is only one thing he doesn't have, Kathryn Merteuil his wicked step-sister. Sebastian always wanted Kathryn, ever since they met. But he couldn't. But this is his chance to get what he wants. From Seventeen magazine, Kathryn conjures up a bet to screw the new headmasters daughter, Annette Hargrove, vowed to be a virgin until she's in love, before school starts. If she wins, she gets his car. If he wins, he gets her. In the game of seduction there is one is only one rule, never fall in love. What you can't have, you can't resist.moreless
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