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Manchester Prep

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Unknown on FOX
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Episode Summary

Meet the troublesome Sebastian Valmont. He just got kicked out of his school by his Principal, Mr. Freeman. Mr. Freeman is convinced with a record like Sebastian (assuming drugs, alcohol, vandalism, etc.) he will never get into another school again. Seeing a picture of Mr. Freeman's wife on his desk, Sebastian asks how Mrs. Freeman is, who was last seen campaigning for censoring books for the school system (holding a picture of a sign "Just say no!"). Mr. Freeman tells Sebastian, she is fine, but he tries to tap into Sebastian.... "The future is what I make of it." With those words, Sebastian hugs Mr. Freeman goodbye. Mr. Freeman gets a call immediately from his wife, saying to turn to one of the pages in the yearbook. Mr. Freeman does so, only to see his wife's picture naked with the sign "Just say no!" (Remember Tara Reid in the Movie? Very similar.) Sebastian walks out in triumph to a cab waiting for him. He picks up a flower after seeing that the cab driver is a girl. They look up at the yelling Mr. Freeman warning him he will never get away with that stuff. Sebastian tells her he doesn't know that person, and charms her by giving her the flower. She asks, "Where you're headed?" He tells her, "New York." Sebastian tells Mr. Freeman "bye-bye" and waves as he leaves his old life behind. Upon arriving in New York, Sebastian is surprise to see that his father hit the jack pot, when they are staying in the whole building and not just an apartment. Edward, Sebastian's father introduces Sebastian to his new wicked family, starting with Tiffany Merteuil who is petting her pussy cat. Sebastian tells Tiffany how precious pus... kitty is. Tiffany then strikes Sebastian back by asking if he wants to pet her. Sebastian then meets her daughter, and his step-sister Kathryn who is playing Moonlight Sonata. Sebastian asks if he have a go with her Steinway piano. He starts slowly by playing "chopsticks", then out beats her by playing a fast song. Fast word to dinner, Tiffany tells Sebastian that Kathryn is the student body president. He is shocked to know she is only a sophomore. Tiffany then tells Sebastian that Kathryn is president of the French club ("Qui?"). When Kathryn tries to speak with those big SAT words, Sebastian corrects Kathryn. Sebastian then asks if he could be excused from being too tired. Edwards shows him to his room (but scolds Sebastian while walking to his room). Tiffany feels outdone, and tells her daughter how foolish she is comparing to Sebastian's "talent" (vocabulary and music). While in the shower, Sebastian gets a not so friendly warning from Kathryn to stay out of her way. She then comments on how nice his package is, leaves, and then flushes the toilet, where he get burned a bit from hot water. At Manchester Prep(atory) Sebastian meets the lovely Annette. Sebastian makes a great impression on Annette after calling her beautiful and that the Headmaster is a joke. She is shocked, but he is called into meet the Headmaster. After reviewing Sebastian's file, Headmaster Hargrove is surprised how great his it is (Sebastian had changed his file). Annette then walks in and kisses the Headmaster. Headmaster Hargrove then introduces Annette Hargrove, his daughter. Meanwhile, Kathryn is having a hard time with her schedule. She notices she has P.E. and ballet (Yes, it's a course) on it. She hunts the Assistant Headmaster Mueller down, and threatens him to expose their secret, of having them having an affair, if he doesn't take it out of her schedule. He tells her yes, and she lightly kisses him on the lips, and then walks away like a sweet angel. Penny Cartwright, Annette's best friend has not been talking to her all summer. Annette finally sees her in the changing room and tells her she missed her company. Penny tells Annette they can't be friends anymore and Annette notices Penny has a tattoo. She asks about it, but it interrupted by Kathryn. Annette leaves, and Kathryn helps hide Penny's tattoo by rolling her sleeve down. After school, Kathryn walks to the "attic" of the school. She is a head of the "Manchester Prep Tribunal." The tribunal is a secret society club that get rids of Freaks and Geeks. They know about everyone and everything. They basically rule the school. Kathryn tells the tribunal about Penny, their newest tribunal member of the new school year. They start to research the new students, and are baffled with Sebastian's transcript of practically nothing. They move onto a girl named Cecile Caldwell the dumbest person, but the richest person in school. Kathryn vows to make it her own personal project to make Cecile the biggest slut in Manchester Prep. Sebastian catches Annette in a used book store looking at a Kama Sutra book. He surprises her and she drops the book (along with everything else). He tells her that it's okay to be sexually curious, but she tells him she wasn't looking at that book. Sebastian asks Annette if they could go for coffee sometime and she agrees. He tells her now, but she reminds him she is working. Sebastian charms Annette's boss (Mrs. Gagon) and they go off to get coffee. Sebastian asks her to take him out to see the city. When things start to get serious, they are interrupted by Kathryn. In her limo, Kathryn wants to take home Sebastian. Sticking to her word, Kathryn takes out Cecile to a club and gives her some iced tea. Cecile notices that the iced teas taste funny, but Kathryn tells her "it's from Long Island" (Sound familiar?). Kathryn introduces Cecile to Court Reynolds. Court is also helping Kathryn, by trying to make Cecile the biggest slut. Court hits on Cecile, but she doesn't noticed it because she is to dumb. Kathryn asks Cecile to go to the bathroom with her. Cecile's answer is "I don't have to go" but Kathryn pinches her and tells her if she doesn't want anymore pinches, she'll to go with her to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, Kathryn tells Cecile about how Court finds her cute, and she should let him "fill her up" (in the feature movie, Cruel Intentions 2, Kathryn tells Cecile/Cherie "you should let him fuck you"). Cecile then reveals she hasn't even kissed a boy. Back outside, Kathryn explains to Cecile how to kiss a boy. Cecile and Court press their lips together. Kathryn then tells Cecile that Court will stick his tongue is her mouth. She wants her to do the same but she wants her to massage her tongue with his. (Sounds familiar?) Cecile and Court move in close to each other, but Cecile vomits onto Court's pants. Cecile apologizes but he leaves angry over the pants being it cost a lot (Neiman Marcus prices! Ouch!) Sebastian surprised Annette by calling her. They talk for an hour, but he makes another good impression when he calls her conceded after she mentions she wants to take things slow. He hangs up on her, and he is not surprised that Kathryn is hanging outside his bedroom door. She tells him, "I'm onto you," but Sebastian turns the tables. Sebastian tells her she needs to leave. He tells her she needs to throw up because having a huge salad. She asks "Have you been spying on me?!?", and he kicks her out. He laughs at her ("I had croutons!") but she laughs, because she'll get the last laugh. Back in Annette's bedroom, she is looking at an old year book and notices some of the old students (who are now teachers) have the same tattoo that Penny had. It's in the student club section with their club called "The Manchester Prep Tribunal." The next day at school Annette tells Sebastian how rude he was when he hung up. He apologizes, then tells her to meet up with her (at the Empire State building) to show him the town. She agrees, it's a date. Annette finds one of the teachers who had the tattoo and asks about the Tribunal. He tells her that it was a bad club and they destroyed a lot of people lives because of it. He asks her if she knows the Tribunal is still alive today, since she asked the question. She lies, saying that she doesn't know anything, but he tells her, if she knows something like this is going on; let him know immediately so they could stop the madness. Fast word to their date. Just when Sebastian is about to leave, Kathryn shows Sebastian his original file that she got from fellow tribunal member, Blaine Tuttle. She then tells Sebastian that Tiffany won't be to happy to know where her money is going, seeing that they are paying for Sebastian's birth mother's rehab fee. She then tells him he knows his way with girls. He goes out with them for three months, and then dumps her because he is bored. He tells Kathryn to leave Annette out of this. She likes his attitude, and he then asks her what does she want? She disrobes and starts to kiss him. She tells him "in a game of seduction, Never Fall in Love." Sebastian forgets his date with Annette, and we only can assume they have sex. Back at school, Sebastian tries to reason with Annette, but she doesn't want to listen. She sees Kathryn from afar waving saying hi. Annette walks away and Kathryn moves into Sebastian. Kathryn tells him to let her go, because Annette isn't one of them. Sebastian tells Kathryn to stay away from him (Seeing he wanted to start off fresh). Shortly after, at the tribunal meeting, Kathryn then wants to elect his brother in the tribunal because he IS one of them ...and that he doesn't know it yet...moreless

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    Sarah Thompson

    Sarah Thompson

    Annette Hargrove

    Sean Patrick Thomas

    Sean Patrick Thomas

    Todd Michaels (not in pilot)

    Amy Adams

    Amy Adams

    Kathryn Merteuil

    Keri Lynn Pratt

    Keri Lynn Pratt

    Cecile Caldwell

    Robin Dunne

    Robin Dunne

    Sebastian Valmont

    Caley Wilson

    Caley Wilson

    Blaine Tuttle

    Guest Star

    Ian D. Clark

    Ian D. Clark

    Principal Ed Freeman

    Guest Star

    Jillian Hart

    Jillian Hart

    Mrs. Freeman

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • NOTES (10)

      • Reportedly, Columbia Tri-Star and FOX was in dispute due to the edgy and racy content (Too much sex, incest, etc.) and they halted production on the show, which never really got off ground after that.

      • Rupert Murdoch, chairman of FOX parent News Corp., was outraged, after seeing a magazine preview of the show, when one of the female characters orgasms on the horse.

      • Bootleg versions of the series (all three episodes) were not color corrected.

      • Most of the gueststar information wasn't available when the pilot was available in bootleg format. When they shot, re-edited, aired and released Manchester Prep as Cruel Intentions 2 the gueststars were actually credited for the first time.

      • Featured Classical Music:
        "Moonlight Sonata"
        "Chop Sticks

      • Featured Music:
        "Every Morning" by Sugar Ray
        "Hard Knock Life" (Ghetto Anthemn) by Jay Z "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz (Show opening)
        "Criminal" by Fiona Apple
        "Coming Up From Behind" by Marcy Playgrond
        "Sweetest Thing" by U2
        "Thank U" by Alanis Morrissette
        "Stayin' Alive" by The Bee Gees
        "Feel It" by The Tamperer (Durning the Club Scenes)
        "2 Become 1" (Remix) by Spice Girls (Durning the Club Scenes)
        "...Baby One More Time" (Remix) by Britney Spears
        "I Think I'm Paranoid" by Garbage
        "My Favorite Game" by Cardigans (At the end of the episode)

      • Greg McConnell (played by Eric Mabius the movie) character was not introduced.

      • We don't know if Caley Wilson's character Blaine would of been gay or not (as the character in the movie). If theu were around long enough we would of have some kind of clue or something (maybe a plot with Greg McConnell, where he falls in love) but possibly it wouldn't of go that far. Most likely he would of been straight.

      • If you read the original script or know about the some of the deleted scenes you could notice some of the plot/dialouge was taken from the movie.

        For example:

        The introduction with Mrs. Freeman's picture (Vs. Swoosie Kurtz in the movie).
        Mr. Freeman yelling at Sebastian (Vs. Swoosie Kurtz yelling at Sebastian).
        Cecile telling Kathryn how the iced teas does not taste like iced teas, with Kathryn saying "They're from Long Island" (Vs. Sebastian telling Cecile the iced teas are from Long Island).
        The dialogue with Kathryn as she explains to Cecile how Court will kiss her with her tongue (Vs. Kathryn and Cecile in Central Park).
        (In original movie script) How Kathryn tells the lady at the store, "Do you have any real furr?" the lady says something like "All are furr are fake", and Kathryn responds "Oh, how cruel, the animals).

      • Airdate for the series was September 1999, then TBA, then December 1999, then it was on hiatus "indefinetely" as they tried to retool the show before being cancelled for good.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Kathryn: "He shops at 'The Gap'."
        Compairing to their standars, Neiman Marcus would be a store they would normally shop to. They would look at 'The Gap' as either a poor store to shop it, or just gross.

      • Kathryn: The Bradys never had it so good
        The Brady Bunch was about a family of 9 (including the maid), wherein both mother and father had a relationship before, and had 3 kids each.