Mancuso, FBI

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • Season 1
    • Adamant Eve
      Adamant Eve
      Episode 20
      Bomb threats and labor unrest lead Mancuso into the world of a young, high-powered industrialist who is attempting to sell off his airline while fending off an ugly divorce which threatens to topple his empire. Meanwhile, a young physical therapist becomes romantically interested in Nick, and won't take no for an answer.moreless
    • Premature Congratulations
      A mob war is threatened when the daughter of a mobster is murdered before her marriage to another mobster's son. Mancuso must root out the killer in order to stop the war and the Gotti-type figure he's been chasing for years. Summers is recruited to abort a prostitution, ring that is ripping off their johns.moreless
    • Night of the Living Shred
      Mancuso goes on the warpath when his friend, a veteran cop with a reputation for taking chances, is killed.
    • Daryl Ross & the Supremes
      A failed attempt on the life of a Supreme Court justice leads Mancuso into an investigation of letter bombers, vicious political agendas, and, eventually, to a drug cartel so powerful they would kill a court justice to influence the outcome of their leader's trial.
    • Death and Taxes
      Death and Taxes
      Episode 16
      Mancuso's personal IRS audit leads him to a connection between an IRS scam and the death of Jean's (his secretary) husband, who had huge gambling debts. Mancuso doesn't want the case, but he has no choice when they come after Jean for the money.
    • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (2)
      Mancuso must make the connections between the Summers' arrest, the cocaine cartel trial, and a DEA cover-up. This part will also conclude the Matt-Jean story as Matt is murdered for his gambling debts, leaving Jean to finally put her life back together.
    • Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (1)
      Summers is accused of murdering a call girl and it becomes front page news. Mancuso walks a fine line as he attempts to prove his friend's innocence. Summers' arrest also jeopardizes a major drug investigation for which he was to testify, leaving Mancuso to put it all together before the trial date.moreless
    • Shiva Me Timbers
      Shiva Me Timbers
      Episode 13
      Trouble strikes close to home when Mancuso's niece is set to marry a man accused of running a gang of thugs responsible for racial and ethnic murders. Mancuso must balance her safety and his professional responsibilities.
    • Ahami Awry Kidnapped
      A visiting Middle Eastern prince is the target of an assassination attempt. While under FBI protection, his wife and child are kidnapped along with Kristen. Mancuso must put the pieces together to save their lives.
    • Shall We Gdansk?
      Shall We Gdansk?
      Episode 11
      Mancuso's struggle over the guilt or innocence of a female defector accused of murder becomes very personal when his attraction clouds his professional judgment.
    • Conspiracy
      Episode 10
      The death of a black undercover agent, who infiltrated a neighborhood gang, puts local and FBI pressure on Mancuso to nail the murderers. His investigation uncovers a real estate scam between politicians and gang leaders who are attempting to buy up the neighborhood with drug money.
    • Racial Matters
      Racial Matters
      Episode 9
      A local political race becomes a racial nightmare when a 16 year-old black girl accuses a white cop of raping her. Mancuso is called in to investigate and get to the truth by election time... 3 days.
    • Murder of Pearl
      Murder of Pearl
      Episode 8
      Mancuso is arrested and jailed as part of an undercover sting in order to expose police or judicial corruption which may be connected to the murder of an undocumented alien. Meanwhile, Jean's ex-husband, an aging football payer, throws her private life into turmoil.
    • Classified
      Episode 7
      When her husband is killed in a top secret military helicopter crash, a woman approaches Mancuso with information that the accident was avoidable and is being covered up. Moved by her loss and intrigued with her story, Mancuso takes the case and finds a very different cover-up than he ever expected.moreless
    • Betrayal
      Episode 6
      Mancuso becomes a victim in a bank robbery, and his attempts to find the robbers/murderers lead him into an IRA plot to export guns.
    • Weapons-Grade
      Episode 5
      Mancuso is called in to investigate the murder of a guard and theft of plutonium from a nuclear plant. What appears to be an Israeli Mosaad action, is in fact a cover-up of a fatal leak in a reactor which jeopardizes the East Coast.
    • I Cover the Waterfront
      When a powerful mobster in Mancuso's protective custody is murdered, Mancuso realizes the only other person who knew the location of the safehouse was his boss, McMasters. Mancuso must investigate this internal leak and discovers McMasters and the Mafia Don sleep with the same woman... and she's the connection.
    • Conflict of Interest
      Mancuso is pursuing a bomber thought to be after a visiting Russian general, while Kristen becomes involved in helping a women's clinic fend off right-to-life protesters. Mancuso eventually discovers the bomb is meant for the clinic and its owner is behind the conspiracy.
    • Little Saigon
      Little Saigon
      Episode 2
      The death of an FBI agent leads Mancuso to help an Asian drug lord move his operation to the U.S. Mancuso must clear the name an honor of the dead agent while stopping this massive drug infusion.
    • Suspicious Minds
      Suspicious Minds
      Episode 1
      When a senator attempts to smear an ambassadorial nominee, Mancuso is pressed into service to reopen the FBI's original investigation, and discovers a cover-up even bigger than anyone originally imagined.